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Sunday, July 21, 2013


So many memories.......

Right around this time of  the summer, my beach hankering begins.
During those summers when we decided not to do a beach vacation, I find myself silently screaming  I WANT THE BEACH!!! 
This is one of those summers when we are not doing a beach vacation.....
I am inconsolable right now.  I am heartbroken.
I need the beach.  Right. Now. 
Why didn't I think of this in January when we had this no-beach-vacation discussion?
For more than 25 years, this was the week when I would start packing up for our annual 2 week vacation at the beach.  Even though I bitched and moaned and made one heck of a fuss packing up kit and caboodle, I was going to the beach.  I might have felt sorry for myself having to deal with all of the pre vacation hallabaloo at the time.... but now,as I look I feel sorry for that girl?
Evidently, my body is still on that schedule.
Not that I want to start packing just to soothe myself but I gotta tell you....I am having beach withdraw.....major beach withdraw.
Add this beach withdraw to my weekend withdraw and the fact that tomorrow is Monday and I am just one cranky girl.
Being cranky messes with my pleasant disposition and my make up.   
I don't like all. 
So, this morning, as I sit here aching for the beach, holding back the tears and refraining from picking up the phone to make reservations,  I am trying to remind myself exactly what  led to that decision.....
First and foremost, I remember that both kids could not do the beach thing this year (schedules and plans got in the way).  And, I do remember saying that I did not want to go to the beach without my children.
Really?  I said that.  Yes, I did say that but perhaps I meant that I didn't want to go to that beach without my children.  My 28 and 22 year old children.  Geez.  
Secondly, I remember Carmen telling me that he had several work trips that would make it very difficult to schedule our typical beach vacation.
Well, that is true.  Case in point....he's off to Atlanta next week for another stint.
Oh, and I do recall that we both decided we were so over those 12 hour drives.
Which is true.  We must have forgot that there are closer beaches and airplanes.
And, I do remember our discussion about doing several shorter trips...
Well, yes, we did take a quick, fun-filled trip to NYC and NJ and there are a few other things scheduled......taking the kids for a few days to one of our favorite places-- Party Island,  and we are taking a romantic winery escape,  and we are extending a trip we are taking for a wedding at a resort that looks kinda nice and we have  plans at a place we have heard so many wonderful things about.  
But.......NO BEACH!
No beach anywhere.....
I'm just gonna have to beach-up my Sunday........thank God I found this yummy recipe!
And, this one too.....
I should be okay soon. 


speck said...

Well I hate to tell you that I am responding to your post from the BEACH! lol

I too love the beach and go every opportunity I can.(Panama City Beach is about 4 hours away) I'm in Gulf Shores this time.

Ok, I'll stop talking about me and the beach!

I can so relate about the day when our kids stop going with us. That has happened to me with my oldest who is 21. It's not the same and it has definitely caused me sadness

On a positive note, you have a lot of good things planned.

Let's not think about the beach anymore! :)

Jody V said...

I'm with you Judi! I miss my weeks at the beach. That's why we're doing a quick getaway to AC. I need my fix of sand, fun and sun! That drink is amazing and seriously potent by the way!