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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Goobye July!

Can you even believe that today is the very last day of July?
Yeah, me neither! 
Although I can't really complain about July because gee it's been fun, I am embarking on August with great hope that things will settle down a little bit so that I can take a deep breath and enjoy the relaxing part of summer.  And, I'm hoping that I can get back to my evening walks on a more consistent basis.  Between the heat and the activities of Judiland, my evening walks have been of the "when and if I get a chance" variety. 
But, before that all happens, I have to deal with a few dental issues that I am not too crazy about dealing with and I have to move myself lock, stock and barrel into my sister's house to take over the care of my father beginning this Saturday (while those lucky ducks go on a cruise!).  Yes, I will have caregivers to relieve me so I can go to work but I won't have my sisters to pinch hit in the evenings or on the weekends so that I can take a breather (I'm trying to figure that one out....because I get a little cranky when life is all work and no play!)  So, I will either be blogging up a blue streak next week or I won't be blogging at all.  You have been warned!  As for sleeping......I'm not sure if that will even happen!  As for walking.....yeah, that won't be happening.....AT. ALL.
But....August has been good to me for the past SIX years. 
 So, I am expecting that trend to continue.....
August brings with it my 6th Bandiversary.   Yes, 6...six...1-2-3-4-5-6....years ago, I embarked on a journey that changed my life, my health and my entire being.   I am eternally thankful for this tool and I am thrilled that it brought me to where I am today. And, that journey continues.  Six years ago, I never realized that the journey will never end.  I figured once the weight was off, it was off and that was that.  Notsofast, Judi!  NOTSOFAST!  It's a forever journey.  Now..... I welcome each step.  Although the job is never done and I have had my share of pounds gained and pants that get a little tight, I'm filled with pride that I stayed the course, that I never gave up and that I do the work that I need to do.   Deep in my heart.....I am so very aware that I was one of the lucky ones--the Lapband was the tool for me.   I am worlds away from that 250 girl in 2007.  So....THANK YOU!

August also brings with it my 6th Blogiversary.  Yes, 6 years ago, I turned on my computer and started a blog.  THIS BLOG.  Combined with my Lapband, it became the catalyst for where my journey has led met.  The support of  my blog followers and friends coupled with a forum that holds me accountable have been blessings that I would have my wildest dreams.... imagined.  
The fact that I am still here blogging on a pretty regular basis is something that I must admit I feel pretty proud about.  I have to credit my followers and friends---you keep me coming back because I feel a responsibility to entertain you....even if you aren't really entertained...and a responsibility to let you know how I am doing.....even if you don't really need to know how I am doing!  Plus, I have to be honest---writing this blog has fulfilled a dream of write something that someone actually reads!   So.....THANK YOU!  

Bring on August!!!  

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