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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Where are you on the STRESS SCALE?

And, what do you do to deal with it?

"Tis the season of all things merry and bright?
Then....why are we feeling just a wee bit stressed right  about now?
That's what my 2 spirited friends and I analyzed over cocktails last evening.

Here's what our experienced minds came up with....

There's so much to do in regular everyday life that when the obligations and the chores and all of the work involved with the holiday season are added to it, stress is something that just happens.

Now that we are all grown up, gone are the simple days of just waiting for the magic of Christmas to descend upon us.
We are now the magic makers---we bring Christmas. We make the magic.
We want to create the memories and give the smiles and make it all beautiful and wonderful.
Yet, in the process and the work of creating those memories and giving those smiles and making it all beautiful and wonderful, we find ourselves overwhelmed, exhausted and yes--a little pissy. 
OOPSY....that's not so nice!
Of course, we feel naughty for those negative feelings.
Especially at Christmas time.
Speaking only for myself....but my friends said they suffer from the same......I got this nasty habit of doing too much, taking on more than I can handle and thinking that I alone must create a storybook, glowing holiday season for those I love and hold dear.
I subscribe to the idea of never letting anyone know just how many nights I work deep into the night, not getting an ounce of sleep and making things just appear as if it were the work of elves and fairies and good old Santa Claus.
I'm a firm believer that you should never let them see you sweat or look the least bit exhausted.
I'm all for full make up, special holiday outfits and a 24/7 look of merriment.
No. Matter. What.
I don't think decorating or cooking or planning menus or entertaining should ever look hard or tiring or too damn much.
And, I don't like enlisting guests to be part of cooking or cleaning up or doing any kitchen duty.
Yeah, I'm cuckoo like that.
I want my guests to think it's all so effortless and happens without me even messing up my manicure or yelling at anyone. Like magic!
So, as you can imagine, with the burden of all that magic-making, I find myself completely frazzled just following the rules I alone have set for myself.

The way we figure it--the most imporant thing is how we deal with the STRESS.
We concluded that the best medicine for stress was 3 girlfriends sharing a few cocktails and analyzing the great phenomenon of STRESS.  

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