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Monday, December 3, 2012

No time for the Monday blues......

even though I have a raging case of them! 

Even though my weekend didn't turn out exactly as I had planned, I don't remember a weekend when I felt as  relaxed and content.   
Relaxed and content. 
Not exactly two words I could use all that often. 
Especially the relaxed part. 
I took Friday off to get some work done around the house----as in banish all remnants of Thanksgiving and clear the way for a big cleaning this week and then decorating next weekend.
I forced myself NOT to leave the house all day.....which is not something I am very good at. 
But, I managed to do it....thus getting quite a bit done....although not everything that I had hoped. 
Yet, I was just fine with it.   
Saturday night was supposed to be a big romantic date night.  But, fate had other plans.  As in.....schedules that went topsy turvy and commitments that couldn't be avoided.   So, we ended up getting a little shopping done and then stopped off at one of our favorite local places for martinis and appetizers before heading home and catching up on some magazine reading.  Not the way I thought the night would go but I dealt with it and took a rain check.
Even our outdoor decorating day yesterday managed to go a little off kilter.   Thankfully, we started early enough before the rain came and forced us to scale back our light-trimming plans.  It's now as done as it's going to be.....and I'm okay with how it turned out. 
And, my plans to go Christmas shopping during the Steeler Game even got tampered with.  But, I went with the program and didn't let it get to me.  
I guess I must have used up all my tolerance this weekend because right now I am just not ready for Monday..... as in I am just not okay with it being Monday. 

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