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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thoughts of mom......

......and the Sewing Club and the ISDA and the PTA and Dwight Avenue.....and my life.
And, she still is.
Her red beehive, her Kent cigarettes (and the soft pack that she hid on top of the china closet), her hi-balls (that she made with Gordon's Gin), her Chanel #5 (in the pretty bottle with the gold bow), her meatballs (that no one has ever been able to duplicate), the way her polenta tasted (that she made with raisins, romano cheese and pepperoni), her red painted fingernails (that were always so elegant)..... and all of those things that brought my mother to life in the eyes of a little girl.
They remain the things that bring her to life today in the eyes of this 51 year old woman.
Yes, 37 years after she is gone.

She is more than a memory.....she is a living presence.
That's the miracle of mothers.....

And, to celebrate this occasion, my mother's oldest grand daughter
--the lovely, talented, kind, compassionate and oh so smart Alexa--
is receiving her Master's Degree today.
Din Carr (my mother) is smiling and strutting her stuff in heaven.....

We are all heading to Mastersland to share this wonderful day
with my sister, her family and Alexa.....
It's a good day.
I hope that yours is too.

P.S. And, Happy Birthday to my blog reader SIL.....Teresa!
Good luck at your new age and your new job!


Lap Band Groupie said...

A great tribute to your Mom...and so are you!

LOL, we're sister's! Yes I'm a Dizzy, and so is DD (I at OSU and DD at Toni's school...she picked them; I swear I didn't push LOL.). My tattoo is small and looks like a mess now, but it's a good story. Dag, only a year's difference and they would have been there together...we could have met at the parents luncheon (although they may have met, as DD has one BF there and still goes back often...she was very young for her class and is only 22, until late Aug.). If they're interested, maybe we could get together with the you get enough time at lunch (DD is just waitressing now as she job hunts...again)? Anyway, I'm home, so you're the busy one and can tell me what works best for you... after you get Toni settled in just let me know. I do know how to get to Magee, and my GPS can do the rest LOL (we're in Cranberry). Can't wait!

Debbie said...

Beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady... Happy Mother's Day Mrs.Carr