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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm just curious.......

Yes, we're on the Information Highway today.....

Technology is an amazing thing...isn't it? It's like a huge lasso around an infinite amount of information. Most days, I don't think about it much. But, lately, I've been reading some of my son's PhDland research papers and it's sparked a few thoughts. Which, I suppose is a good thing.....that's what good writing is supposed to do...make the reader think (even mother readers). His research has to do with information and such and how humans interact with it. It's a bit more complex than that. But, that's the jist of it. I do not claim to really understand much of the ins and outs. But, I will admit, I do find myself thinking "wow, so that's what's behind all of this?" as I read through this stuff. And, even though I don't understand much beyond what I understand, it is very interesting (and somewhat comforting) to me that there are actually smart people behind the scenes studying all of this technology and information. So, like I said--most days, I don't think much about technolgy and search engines and Google and Yahoo and information and data storage. In fact, I can't recall the last time I even thought much about any of them. But, with my newfound knowledge, I find my "need to know" a bit more hieghtened. In other words.....I'm curious.
Curious about what?
Well, I'll tell you. may have noticed....on the left hand side of my blog, I have something called FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed. To be honest, I can't remember much about how I decided to put it on my blog. And, up until a few weeks ago, I didn't pay much attention to it. Then, 2 things happened---my son started a new blog and began talking about all the hits he had from all over the world. I mean, he had just started his blog and all of a sudden he knew that he was being read all over the world. Then, my blogger friend....Eileen...knew how many states her readers lived in and that she had a reader from Budapest. In both cases, I could not understand how in the hell they knew this. I don't want to be catty but neither of them had a lot of comments. I mean, I don't have tons of comments but I sure as hell had more than them! So, I wondered--how did they know all of this information? And then I remembered about my FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed. It clocks where my visitors come from! And, sometimes it even tells me how they got there!(just so you does not tell me who you are or give me your address or phone number or anything that could personally identify you....shucks!). For a few days, it satisfied my need to know. But, just like everything else in my life--I wanted more. Knowing one piece of information just wasn't enough. Yes, I'm an information junkie. I admit it. FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed fed my curiousity with enough to make me hunger for more. I wanted to know who these people were. Where did they come from? How did they get here? And, then it FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed clocked in someone from Padang, Sumatera Barat (try to top that Eileen!!!). This reader got there by searching my blog by name. BY NAME! This bit of information gave me the shakes. I was no longer just curious. My need for information exploded from the deepest caverns of my being. I was no longer happy to know that someone came from New Jersey. I wanted to know why they came from New Jersey! (Funny thing, isn't it? My son spends his life studying information and his mother craves it and devours it. Wonder if there's a connection? Random thought....)

Now, I suppose it's a good thing that I'm craving information instead of lasagna and hot sausage. The only thing is---I can figure out how to get lasagna and hot sausage. Of course, neither dish is very lapband friendly. But, still, if I wanted lasagna or hot sausage, I know exactly how to get it. Trust me. I come from a long line of lasagna and hot sausage experts. All I'd have to do is pick up the phone and the deal would be sealed. But, getting this information that I am craving is not as simple. I'm at your mercy.....

I need a fix. All I'm asking is for everyone who reads my blog to take a roll call. You do not have to give your name. Just act like you're introducing yourself at the Miss America Pagent. You know...something like this....

Hi I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I want world peace. I found this pagent by GOOGLING scholarships for pretty girls who want world peace. I want to know more about world peace and lipgloss.

PLEASE take a few minutes to help me out...anonymusly, of course. I just need to know.....
-Where are you from?
-How did you get here?
-What do you want to know?
& of course, anything else you want to share.....

Come on, please....I need a fix.....PLEASE!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm buckeyesue in the neighboring Buckeye State of Ohio!

I found my way here through a decorating site, and I love to get my "Judi Fix" each morning and evening.

I love reading your blog, and it often starts and ends my day with a smile!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Ms. Washington PA. I come here to keep me focused on my own Lapband journey and because I think Judi has the best blog on the web. I met Judi at a Lapband support group over a year ago. She become our leader and our friend. She started this blog and told us about it and I am so thankful she is out here in blogland. I love Judi! I keep coming back hoping to win more great shoes (my pink crocs!!!!!!!!). ha!ha!


Anonymous said...

Good evening Ladies & Gents! I'm Anonymus from PA. I found this blog thru LBT where Judi started the "Crazy Ates" group. I visit every day sometimes more. I come here to keep conected to my own journey and Judi's & to get a smile too. I am not surprised this blog is internationally known. Judi is my fav Crazy Ate!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Helllllo, my name is Jennifer and Judi personally gave me her blog address. I met Judi through my work (when I did recruiting).She ran the best recruiting office in the country! Now she has the best blog in the world! I don't have a lapband but I am so happy Judi does! (yeah, I could use to lose a few lbs!)
My day is not complete without my visit to Judi's blog. The traffic feed is really coooool! If there's any single guys out there sitting in Judi's traffic, I'm your Ms. America! (shameless plug, sorry!)

Anonymous said...

I am Judi's Godchild. She will have to guess which one.
I love you Judi!

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

ok, smarty pants, er smarty shoes.
I use a thing called stats counter.

It tells me a bunch of things. Like maps of where visitors are coming from, or exiting from, or the recent keyword activity. For example, on Aug 21 someone googled the words "angela's 50th birthday party" and my blog was one of the websites that came up because I used those exact words in one of my posts.
It also tells me how many times someone has checked my blog and how long they were reading.
This is where my FBI skills come in.
Sometimes its easy, like yours., you have checked 50 times since July 20. (Are you a stalker?) Only kidding because since you post comments, you usually comes up three times. Type post, hit publish or preview, and then checking to make sure it appears. So one hit shows up as 4. (Whew, your not a stalker)
Alot of times a persons work ISP address comes up, so I know who that is by where they work. Or if an ISP address comes from Totowa, NJ it's your reader Jody V, becuase she's a new reader and lives there.
So its fairly easy to figure out. Also when people make comments, you can check who was on your blog at that specific time and tag thier ISP address. Then their name will just pop up.
I can also tell if someone started at your blog and clicked on my comment and ended up on mine as well as how long they stayed.
It's fun.
I'm not very good at explaining things, but I hoped this helped.
I have been getting a bunch of hits with my title Sarah Pelin, you are no Hillary Clinton. Apparently a bunch of other people thought the same thing.
Someone from Nagoya Tokyo Japan
types in this " Pelin&search.x=1&fr=top_ga1_lt40&tid=top_ga1_lt40&ei=UTF-8" (which is basicly just a Sarah Pelin search) They probably got more than they bargained for when my blog popped up. Hopefully, I enlightened them! God, I hope I enlightened someone! Please!
But you know, this just goes to show you big brother is watching!
As my mother used to say, always be nice, because you never know who you're talking to. It goes without saying, I didn't listen.

I came about Judi's wonderful blog through my cousin Angela. I usually read the blogs of the people who make comments. It's fun. Almost like that game, three degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I got your blog from a country decorating site and thoroughly enjoy it every time you post something!! You are an inspiration to be happy no matter what!!
Thank you for being you!! and I think I am your Walden, New York feed or sometimes it says Tillson, New York. Either way, I dont live in those weird!!

Jill G.

Jody V said...

My name is Jody from Lincoln Park, New Jersey. I "met" Judi on LapBandTalk.Com and clicked on her blog. I do check frequently and could be a classified stalker!! OK - where are these decorating forums and such that everyone is talking about??!! I am also dying to see these shoes we here so much about!! LOL - as usual...great post Judi!

Jody V said...

Oh and one more thought...I think I am moving to Pittsburgh so you can be my leader as well!! I don't attend the support group meetings but I probably should. If you were the leader I KNOW I would!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Lauren (from just outside Pittsburgh) and I met Judi through the support group but didn't go back after a few times because I "chickened out". Then we met again on the LBT PA group (she was the only person who responded to my plea for help!) and I was so happy to find her blog. I finally got my surgery and Judi has helped me with her blog and her personal check ins and notes. Sometimes I don't know how she does all she does and still gives herself to someone like me who she does't know from ADAM! I am a true fan and a Judi-maniac. LOL! (does that make me a wacky stalker?) Thanks Judi for being on the Information Super Highway!
Note to Jen: Isn't Judi's son single?

Gerry said...

Good Morning!
My name is Gerry and I have the great pleasure working with Judi and she a great friend! She has been there for me in so many ways she probably doesn't even realize it.

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and even though I lived out of the country and other states, I will always be a true Pittsburgher.

Ashley said...

I'm from Pittsburgh, PA (Mt. Lebanon to be specific). I found this blog because the blogger is my godmother, so the address is in my email. i'm probably one of the top female bowlers in the city(sometimes). I love to read and be at the beach. i would like to learn how to not matter how much sleep i get, get up in the morning and exercise every morning. not just some mornings!

Anonymous said...

I am in Roseburg, Oregon. I found Judi on Lapbandtalk I think. I was searching for blogs to follow on the lapband process. I had mine in March and thoroughly enjoy reading this blog whenever I get the opportunity. Thank you Judi for being so entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Sheri from Plano, Texas. I was banded on 8/13/07 - just three days after Judi. I found this blog from Judi's link on LBT and I've been hooked ever since!

Thanks Judi for your always entertaining blog entries. I feel like we could go out for a few margaritas and talk for hours!

Anonymous said...

Is Judi the PA Godmother?
I am Judi's godchild. I live in PA and my mom gave me her blog address.
YOU should see Judi's shoes!

Daffodil Hill said...

I'm Daff from MS, and I met Judi at the same decorating forum others have mentioned. My days would not be complete without a peek and a chuckle at this hilarious blog.

Uh, Judi Dear, I think it's about time for a post about shoes. Sounds like people are curious. ; )

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I work with Mari Beth and we all in the office read Judi's blog. We are the Lapband Cheerleading GROUP! We talk about Judi like she is our friend too (STALKERS????). We invited Judi to our office picnic to try to convince her to work here (sorry Gerry!)! We hope you come Judi!

Unknown said...

I'm Miss Survival/Living life to the fullest,
I am part of that best recruiting team in the world. I got here because Judi is two doors over, in my office, in her office out in the hall laughing or crying or (the best) at happy hour letting loose! And yes we do let loose, we earned it, we deserve it and everyone around us deserves to enjoy watching us. Anyways, us "Badasses" hold each other together, that's what WOMEN do!

Anonymous said...

...a long, long time ago my mom (Dangerous Debbie) grew up on Dwight Ave with the likes of Judi and the rest of the C clan... which leads me here... Judi--you look fabulous!! ...and I can't believe Vince is out conquering the his room still messy???

Hugs!! Gretchen