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Monday, September 8, 2008

Here's to another week...........

Mondays arrive on the scene too fast. I still have quite a bit more weekend desires, needs and requests to satisfy. As much as I try to hold back the hands of time, I have yet to master it. So, it leaves me there not enough time in a day or do I just have too damn much to do? It's not like I'm slacking on the job. I pry myself out of bed very early every morning and fall into bed very, very late each night. In between, I run the world that is Judi land. I do it on little sleep. And sometimes I have to eat standing the dark.
No wonder I ended up obese. (click for more info)


Anonymous said...

Morning Judi!! you nailed it right on the head because that is exactly how I felt last night....I hadnt exactly conquered what I wanted to yesterday and felt I should have another day off to get those few little things accomplished,but alas I am too at work and trying to enjoy the little peace I get before everyone comes barging and my cup of tea!!
have a great day!!
Jill G.

Jody V said...

Hi Judi -

Like Jill nailed it!! My decorating began and the bins are still all over the house because I ran out of time!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Judi,
YOU have more energy that anyone I ever knew. IF YOU CAN'T GET IT ALL DONE, there is no hope for any of us! IMHO, you may have too much on your plate. BUT, never quit doing your blog!
Sorry I have not been commenting. I have been reading your blog but did not want to get everyone DOWN with my band and port problem. I got the word today that I am having the port replacement next week (day TBA) and that insurance will cover even tho insurance did not pay for my band. Good news sort of. Being out of work for a few weeks is the bad news for the checkbook. Hope this catches everyone up on my situation. I will keep people posted here because I know most of our group reads here. I hope your job stuff is improving. If not, you have an entire office of ladies at my place that would love to have you work with us! YOU know we love you! We will get you your Starbuk's fix every morning if you do!