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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bandiversary Celebration starts rockin'........

Think of me as a party girl. Not just a one-night-stand type of party girl. A girl with stamina. A girl who will party all the way until August 10. That's right, party mates, I'm celebrating MY BANDIVERSARY. And, you are coming along for the festivities. Get your party hats.

It all started with My 52 Favorite Things and the painted croc giveaway. As a can enter as many times as you like....just by dropping a comment right here on my blog...along with your shoe size, of course.

Now, it's time to PARTY!!!!!!!!!!! Remember, I promised games and prizes. Here we go!

Up until August 10, I will randomly pose a series of fetes that will award points. All responses received within 24 hours of the posting will be awarded. After that...tough luck! Sometimes you'll be able to find the answers from previous blog entries. Sometimes not. Sometimes they will be "dares". Other times they will be academic. The entrants who gather the most points by August 10 will be awarded one secret prize (of my choosing) from My 52 Favorite Things. I'll announce those winners and their prizes right here on my blog on August 10!!

Who knows what I'll ask you to do! Remember....I'm a girl who just lost 76 pounds. I've repressed a lot of fantasies....

Competition #1 begins now....
And, I can't think of a better way to put this party into full throttle than to talk rock and roll. So, tell me.....what is your favorite rock and roll song? Not just a song you like...I'm talking your all time favorite song. The one that overtakes your being. The one that stirs your soul. The one that melts your heart. The one that makes you jump up out of your seat and groove. The one that unleashs the rockstar that lives inside of you. The one that makes you purrrr. And, just for fun....tell me why it's your all time favorite. Oh come on.....share. It's a party for heaven's sake! Alright....alright....maybe you need something to loosen you up.....
Try this....
Red Headed Slut Martini
1 oz peach schnapps
1 oz Jagermeister® herbal liqueur
cranberry juice

Better now?

For those of you who share your fav song will get 5 points. Anyone who tells the reason why it's your fav song will get another 5.

Bonus Round--2 extra points: Name my favorite rock star. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


Anonymous said...

Fun party! Mom and I are at the beach and thought to pop in. We didn't know we'd find a party going on!!!!
Mom's (Vicci) shoe size is 8
My shoe size is 9
My fav song: Roxanne
Why? I loved the name so I named my doll Roxanne! I was too young to figure out the song but thought it was a hoot that I named my doll after it!
Your fav: BRUCE!!!!!
Mom's fav song: Yesterday
Why? She said that's the way she is feeling these days!
P.S. Don't hate us but we like Country music better than Rock and Roll. Will we lose points?

All is well here. I am wearing a bathing suit for the first time since I was a teen!
Thanks for the fun visit and for the party.
Love you!
Babs (and Vicci)

Jody V said...

Hi Judi,

My favortie oldies song is "I Don't Want To Lose Your Love Tonight" by Outfield. It came out in the summer and I spent many, many days down at the Jersey Shore listening to that song. Those were some of the happiest times of my life. Party, Party, and more Party! I still love to hear it come on the radio! Those were the days being wild and carefree! I am still wild but not as carefree with 2 teenagers!! Your favorite would be Bruce Springsteen. Rock on Skinny August Bandster Sister!

Jody V said...


you are bringing back great memories!! That is also my fav song because the lyrics are "Josie's on a vacation far away..." My name is Jody...close enough for me!!

Jody V
LadyBugRed on

Anonymous said...

Bruce Springsteen is your fav....the picture hanging in your office that Toni got you was one of the best b-day gifts. My favorite rock n roll song that overtakes my being is "I'm walking on sunshine" by Katrina & the Waves. Very motivational!


Jody V said...


Do I get extra points for being a red head??????

Red Headed Slut Martini
1 oz peach schnapps
1 oz Jagermeister® herbal liqueur
cranberry juice

Jody V
August Crazy Ates Bandsters

Daffodil Hill said...

Don't laugh, ok? My favorite rock and roll song is "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You" by the young Elvis. I grew up seeing every Elvis movie and listening to all of his early hits. That one still touches my heart after all these years. How could we forget that Bruce Springsteen is your favorite!

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

Do I get an extra point for loving the same man?
Bruce is my boyfriend also.
Favorite song. No contest.
Thunder Road.
I actually still cry when I hear it. Makes me want to be young again.
Year I first heard Thunder Road?
1975. I was in the audience at a Bruce concert at St. Vincent College. Only 200 people.
It's something I'll never forget.
The first of my 20+ times seeing the boss.
This last time was almost a good as the first. I came full circle and took my kids. We had a blast. And they came over from the dark side to became Bruce lovers!

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

OMG. THat is too too funny. What if we were sitting next to one another?
Six of us jammed in my friend Carol Blaskiewicz's blue nova.
We drove from Erie. I had no idea who he was, I don't think most of the others did either. I just went along for the party.
It was one of those experiences where I remember every bit of it. Even after (gasp...)33 years.
I had one of the best times of my life. I guess that's why I cry when I hear that song. I want to be as happy as I was the first time I heard it.
It started a long, long love affair!

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

I think you are the "Through the Tubes" version of me!

Anonymous said...

You got me singing here tonight!
#1 Song: You Can't Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones)
Why? Reminds me of a certain guy that I like to think about! OOOOH!

Also, this friend Eileen the Mayor is really trying to win those shoes and one of your fav 52. She really is competitive, isn't she? ;-)

Having a super time at the PARTY!
Rock on!
P.S. What is YOUR fav song and why?