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Sunday, May 4, 2008

GO Pens!

Hockey. That damn season last forever. It's May for cryinoutloud! Enough is enough. Not that we watch every hockey game. In fact, I'm embarrassed to admit......we're fair weather fans here at my house. Now that the Pens are in a fight for their lives....our lives revolve around it. Not that I sit and watch the games. No. I just have to know when I have to cook. That's it. Just tell me when I have to make a huge plate of nachos. Just tell me what time I can call everyone in for dinner. And, please let me know if I need to pick up some extra beer. That's all I want. Okay, of course, I want them to win. Winning is good. I like all the whooping and yahooing and hi-fiving. And, hey....I'm all for young guys in uniforms. But, honestly....I just need to know when it's safe to eat.

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