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Thursday, May 1, 2008


But, don't eat the cookies......


Anonymous said...

I think there's a message here but i can't figure it out. Are you saying your blog readers (me?) are too fat? LOL!!! As I sit here and eat a cheese danish being happy and not worrying????????????

Anonymous said...

I just found your page last week thru the Lapband group and read through it all this week. I have really enjoyed it so much and want to tell you that it has helped me. I am getting banded on June 12 and your blog has been the best thing to read. You are real person and help me not to be scared or wondering if this is right. I like the way you seem not to be crazy over being sooooooo skinny. I am 48 and have 130 lbs to loss (fyi: lost 34 already on pre-band) just to get to a non-obese range for my height. I know I will read each time you write and I will read some of your blogs many times because so many of them meant a lot to me. I am so happy to find you! Good Luck for more great success. Can you post a new picture? Do you write professionally?
Lancaster, PA