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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A fork full.......

Hi, my name is Judi and I'm a foodie

Last night, I had to clear everything in the kitchen. We're having new counter tops installed and some other cosmetic work done. Even though I'm excited about the new things to come, the activity itself was not fun. But, it had to be done. As I was trying to figure out where the hell I was going to put everything while the kitchen was undergoing it's little transformation, I suddenly realized just how much stuff I have that revolves around food. Or, to be more much stuff I have that revolves around eating. Afterall...what is a kitchen for? Cooking and eating. Right? Well, I have it all. Not only do I have several cupboards,a big side-by-side refrigerator-freezer, several random shelves and an entire pantry filled with food, I also have more cooking and eating paraphenalia than a department store! And, there's spices galore. I could easily season vats of stews, chili, sauce and soups and still have seasonings left over to do it again...and again and again. I mean, I have an entire kitchen filled to the brim...and then some. More pots and pans than I can count. Overflowing silverware drawers. Several sets of dishes. Cabinets filled with potholders and aprons and towels. Big bins of utensils. Gizmos and gadgets. Platters and bowls and spatulas and big serving spoons and measuring cups. A gravy separator. Strainers. You name it....I have it. Go ahead....try me. Name a kitchen thing and I can pretty much assure you that I have it. It's gluttonous. Complete and utter gluttony.

Outside of my amazing shoe appears that I spend most of my money on food or food related things. Now, I know the joy I get from shoes. So, shoes fall into the category of being worth it. They make me feel good. They give me a sense of pleasure. And, of course, I don't like to be barefoot. Yes, there's the feel good thing. There's the pleasure thing too. And, of course, I do need to eat to survive. I need so much? And, why do I have so much? How many pots can one woman have? How many big serving bowls? How many pasta servers? Why do I need a total of 58 everyday plates? How many knives are too many?
How many cans of tuna do I need to stockpile? And what about all the salad dressing? Do I really love salsa that much?

After all the kitchen work is done, I have to put the kitchen back together. Perhaps between now and then, I'll have time to reflect on my food and food-related stuff mania. Maybe I'll come up with some more concrete answers as to why I could feed a small army for days on end. However, for the moment.....I think I've stumbled upon a few very interesting insights that I will have to ponder. Dragging all of those pots and pans and dishes and other kitchen clutter out of the cabinets and drawers has opened my eyes to what lies behind the pounds and the misery I dealt with for years leading up to my Lapband surgery. Now, I wonder....will I put them all back or will I give some of them away? What do I really need? What do I really want? Just a few things to sink my teeth into today. Gimme a fork.


Anonymous said...

You amaze me. This posting was amazing. Thank you for being here.

Anonymous said...

Just make sure you keep your "Magic Bullet Blender." Does any job in 10 seconds or less....but doesn't do laundry. ;)