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Sunday, February 22, 2015

They like me! THEY REALLY LIKE ME!

Getting my OSCAR on! 

Happy Academy Awards Sunday!
Are you planning to join in the fun and fanfare of the Academy Awards?
Do you have a favorite movie that you are rooting for this year?
Are you rooting for a certain actress or actor? 
Or....are you like me and just tune in for the fashion and to have a little Sunday-night-dinner-on-the-couch party? 

Tonight, we are forgoing the fancy attire and the over-the-top menu.  
Not that we really ever did that.
But, we have went to a Red Carpet viewing party a few times and on occasion, we have had people in for a more elaborate spread and Oscar-related activities.  
But, this year,  it's just my fashionista daughter and I in our favorite jammies with some wonderful candles burning, a fire in the fireplace and a bottle of one of our favorite wines.....  
I'm going into menu planning mode now, then I'm going grocery shopping then I'm meeting up with  two of my favorite college friends for a winey, catch-up lunch.....
As I said last evening:
"Not every meal has to be AN EVENT....let the TV take the center stage, not the food!"
(the word according to Judi, February 21, 2015)