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Thursday, April 10, 2014

I came up with some theories......

Yes, I know I said that I would be talking about my Spring shopping finds.
But, really, this does have to do with shopping. 
Sort of.
I mean...there was a credit card and a shopping bag involved.
So, yeah....this is about shopping.  
Here we go......
I needed a new pair of light weight dressy black pants. 
Hard to believe, I know.
But, it's true.
Well, not all together true.
Let's just go with--- I needed a new pair of light weight dressy black pants.   
When my husband told me 72 hours before a very important  business dinner where my attendance was requested ("it would be good if you showed up...." were his exact words....) and those 72 hours prior to the dinner were jam packed with work stuff and home stuff and just stuff....., I went into a complete fashion melt down.  Not only did I have to go to the dinner event straight from the office....I had to dress appropriately for what I was doing at the office and I had to make sure nothing would be too wrinkled as it would be a two hour trip to get to this dinner.
My Spring wardrobe had not been completely unpacked from it's winter home.
There were shoe issues to think about.
And, I did not have a decent block of time to even get anything figured out....let alone shop appropriately if I had to.
Yeah....that's not the way I like to roll.
Let's just say that I like to work with these things....I like to get an idea in my head about how I want to present myself based on the event and the people who would be there, the season, the weather..........yadda, yadda, yadda
And, I like to play around with some looks in my head and tweak that look as I consider and reconsider.  
I need at least a week to build towards the look I am going for.
Sure, I can (and have!) done this in a shorter amount of time but that just robs me of the fun and the feeling of confidence that I have selected the perfect outfit.... 
It just doesn't feel right.
But, of course, I have what it takes to pull it off.....
I knew I had this great embroidered, black ribbon trimmed linen jacket that would fit the of those wardrobe pieces that can go from office to country club.  
What I didn't know was if I had a pair of light weight, dressy black pants that would not be too wrinkled from being stored for the winter.
And, I didn't have the time to #1--look for them and #2--possibly iron them (and who wants to iron?).  So, I decided that I would steal a little time away and stop at Marshall's to pick up a pair of dressy, light weight black pants.  I did not have time to shop at my favorite haunts....
And maybe I'd pick up some shoes.
Although I have been feeling like I put on some winter weight around my midsection, I have also been having some band restriction my eating has decreased significantly over the past month.  Except for some clandestine  ice cream and candy eating....
Anyway, I didn't consider for a moment that my typical size in dress pants would be a little too snug.
So, I popped 2 pair that I liked into my cart and ran off to the dressing room to decide which ones I liked better.   I should mention that I have never bought anything with these particular brand names (I only mention this so that I am not too hysterical). 
I will spare you the details of my dressing room meltdown upon having a zipper issue and my near-breakdown at the register when I was forced into purchasing the next size up......
And, I won't even dare tell you about my frantic escape to the car to weep in private.....
Thankfully, I am one of those people who gets over the emotion rather quickly and then I set about rationalizing and figuring things out until I have it settled in my head as to what is going on and how I will go forward.
And, once I figure it's gospel to me and I proceed accordingly.
I have decided 2 things....these are my theories:
-My band is tight because I have gained some weight--thus increasing the size of my stomach....making the band tight.   So, I have to set out to fix that.  I'm thinking that a 2-3 day liquid diet might do the trick.  I'm planning on doing that early next week.  It won't work with my life until then....
-And.....clothes that are off-sized or irregulars find their way to Marshall's and other off-price stores.  So, really......the sizes there can't be trusted. 

I feel so much better....don't you?




~Miss Lorie~ said...

I think your two reasons are exactly right and after a cry in the car, I think it is exactly the conclusion I would have come to.

Barbara said...

I am so living through your experience. Just getting back from Vegas the first thing I did was to jump on the scale cause I could just tell my jeans were way tight from all of the indulging I did. Beverage and all. So yes I too need to drop at least 10 lbs. let's get through this and conquer it all