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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Captain America made me go shopping......


 We were talking about shopping....weren't we?
So sorry for the little break in our conversation. 
Sometimes weekends get in the way
Now, where were we?

Oh, yeah.......I was lamenting that I thought that I needed a major Spring wardrobe shopping trip. 
Like I told you when we last spoke,I do not need a blessed thing.
But, sadly, that doesn't stop me when I find myself smack dab in the middle of a 3.5 hour block of free time.
In a big shopping area.  
It was all Captain America.....yes Captain America.  
You know that Super Hero whose new movie debuted this past weekend?
Even though I know nothing about Captain America or his movie......  I can confidently say that the reason for my shopping trip rests squarely on his Super Hero shoulders.  
Let me explain why Captain America has anything at all to do with my overflowing shopping bags. 
Here we go......
You see, my 15 year old nephew is a big movie buff. 
And, he loves all these Super Hero movies. 
And, he always wants to make sure he sees these new movies the minute they hit the big screen.
But, the poor kid isn't old enough to drive.
So, he couldn't drive out to the megaplex movie theater where they were showing it in super 3 D--or something like that ----to meet up with his Uncle Carmen (who also loves Super Hero movies). 
Being that it was a Saturday afternoon, I had to figure out my Dad Duties so that I could make sure to get my dear nephew out to the theater in enough time so that he could get the tickets before they sold out.  The only hitch was that I also had to drive him home....which meant that I had about 3.5 hours to hang out.....
Stop back next time and I'll tell you all about those 3.5 hours.........
(sorry, I am running a tad bit late this morning!!!).

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