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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Originally, the title of this post was "like a rolling stone".......

But, then I remembered the rest of those Bob Dylan lyrics and it didn't quite get my message across. 
What I really wanted to convey is that all is is rolling's just been a bit bumpy. 
Bumpy is not actually a bad thing, it's just an inconvenient thing. 
Just when I think I can lift my head to catch some air and then pull myself up and get on with what I need to get on with.....another bump in the road.  
Not bad bumps, just bumps. 
Bumps that sock it to me and leave me needing to regroup, refocus and return to the original path that I was desperately trying to navigate. 
I blame it all on the fact that I haven't had a proper vacation that allowed me to just relax and me to be able to figure out ways to walk around the bumps without feeling the bumpiness of the ride. 
So, here I am--- up against a brand new academic year in my work life and I am still trying desperately to hold to the non academic season. in my personal life, it's the first academic year since 1991 when I haven't been getting at least one of my children ready for a new school year. 
I think that might be throwing me curve balls more than I may care to admit. 
So, that's what's happening here in Judiland.
I'm rolling along......not quite rockin' but definitely rolling...... 
Holding on to summer as best I can!!! 



Jody V said...

Bumpy...I like that! Not a negative phrase just something to deal with. I have to change my thinking from gloomy to bumpy!

Catherine55 said...

Well, you look adorable, regardless! Hang in there! :)