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Friday, December 28, 2012

I can hear you!!!

Is the Peppermint BARK in your house as loud as it is in my house?
It just won't shut up!!!!!  

It's 6 am and it still won't shut up.
Should I just march in there right now and be done with it and get it over with?
I mean, just keeps calling my name and taunting me.
I just can't neglect it....can I?
I mean....that stuff cost over $20 a box!!
It's bad enough that it kept me up a good portion of the night last night. with it's damn sugar's sweetness racing through my veins making me unable to sleep.....laying in my belly like a huge brick of sugary paste causing me such agony that I could not get comfortable in my own bed.
And, when I did finally find sleep, I awoke to a headache the size of a St. Bernard.  Thanks to that damn BARK!   
I am just ooey gooey in it's grips.....I always have been.....
Yes, I always have been..........
Will I ever be able to break free of it's grip?
I guess I could quit buying it.
But, that just seems so wrong. 

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