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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Just askin'.......

How bored would you be if I talked about how much I love my Lap Band again?
Since I've only mentioned it six gadzillion times, I am sure you would be quite bored.
But, because  I NEED to remind myself of it's wonderfulness and love-deservednes, I'm gushing again!
And, of course, since I do care about the universe....I'm also sharing my Lap band love one.more.time. with the hope that there's someone reading this who just needs to hear me gush. 
With those two things in mind,  I decided ohwhatthehell, I'm gonna throw caution to the wind and be obnoxiously wild in the early morning hours....I'm just gonna do it.  
And, in a few minutes I am going to tell you why I love it today.....
And, while I'm at it, I'm also gonna bore you with just one more pic of me and my cute guitar-strumming, workaholic engineer husband drinking martinis......if only because it fits right into this blog posting! 
Because I have my Lap Band to thank for my devotion to martinis. 
Because I was a gin and tonic lover for years and years.  When my Lap band forced me to ban fizzy more tonic for me.  Enter martinis.   And really good gin.   It was love at first sip.....
Celebrating Carmen's birthday with a lunch time martini at our all-time favorite bar.....  Ironically, it was this very bar where I was introduced to my all time favorite gin......making me love the place even more.  If that's possible. 

Okay, let me dig into why my Lap band is precious to me today.....
please might be surprised! 

So, I gained a few pounds.....well....more than a few.....about 12.....since November 1.
I deserved to gain them.  I can't even say I had a great time gaining them.  Which is somewhat sad to admit.   When I look back, I can't think of a moment that I was completely joyous about what I was eating while I was gaining those 12 pounds.  I did not feel victorious at any time for defying my Lap Band by finding ways to eat gobs of foods that go right through it.
There were no moments of rapture.  There should be rapture.....
Let's just say that if I was able to eat anything I wanted and as much of it as I wanted for 8 solid weeks.....things like instant mashed potatoes with romano cheese, Hershey kisses, caramal popcorn,
cheese curls and rice cakes smeared with peanut butter would NOT make my Top Ten List.   
Yet, those were the things (plus a few other things that might make my Top Ten List) that I have overindulged in that significantly contributed to my 12 pound weight gain.
It's the reality I am left with.  
Now, I will admit that I am not in a panic about these 12 pounds. 
I don't like them.

I am ready to be rid of them.
But, am I feeling like I am on a one way trip to 250 pounds?
My Lap Band has taught me  that I can and I will be able to deal with these 12 pesky pounds and get back on track.  
It has given the confidence that with this tool and the knowledge that I've gained and the deep desire that it has fueled within me to not be miserable by weighing 250 pounds and being unhealthy and unhappy, I have what it takes to overcome what's standing in between me and fitting comfortably into my pants....
That's why I love my Lap Band today!  
Martinis all around.....


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Mar's kids said...

NEVER STOP GUSHING!! You never know who's out here wondering what the heck she's going to do with the 11 pounds she's gained, and oh man, she's been here before and it's just time to give up, and wouldn't it be nice to read about someone who has been there and knows they can stop the madness because they have this amazing lapband.....

I needed to read this today. And maybe I'll even make plans for a martini this weekend :)