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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Let's talk shoes......

Can't think of a  better way to kick off a Saturday than doing a little shoe talkin'!

By now, you know I have this feverish love for shoes.  Some (like my husband!) might consider it a sickness.  Okay, I get it.  But, damn I love shoes.   I always have.  I always will.
My husband loves guitars.  I support his love of guitars.  I wouldn't threaten to throw out all his guitars like he threatens to toss all of my shoes when he trips on them in the bedroom in the dark....
As the years go by and my feet age, there are some amazing shoes that just aren't too feet friendly.
Naturally, I own some of those unfriendly shoes---I call them my sitting shoes.  I wear them when I know I will be sitting a lot. 
But, for those other times that I won't be sitting a lot---like when I am going shoe shopping---I need to have comfy yet cute shoes.  I refuse to give up style for function.  Shoe shopping is hard work and it requires good shoes if you want to get the best results.   If my feet hurt....I am not happy.  And, if I am not happy, I might not buy the best shoes.  It's a complete waste of a good time.
So, I make it my business to research shoes.  Today I am going to share some of the fruits of my labor with you.....because I know you want to know. 
Now, there's something to be said for the notion that you get what you pay for.  But, just because Manolo Blaniks cost hundreds of dollars doesn't make them foot just means they are beautiful shoes.   Works of art.  So, I can appreciate that.  I just can't buy them and convince myself they are comfy.   So, I don't buy them.  I might have to tell my husband that I have saved him millions of dollars because I am sensible enough not to buy Manolo Blaniks. 
He will be so happy to hear that, I am sure.
But, because I love a good shoe and need comfort, I make it my business to get to know shoes.  I also make it my business to talk shoes with shoe experts.  I love to go over to a little  shoeplace near my office that is owned by two wonderful shoe experts and talk shoes with them.   If you are ever in the Shadyside area of Pittsburgh.....stop in for a visit at Ten Toes on's like a candy store for shoe lovers.  If you can't get there....their Facebook Page is also a  nice place to spend some time.  It was there that I was introduced to Spring Step shoes......they are comfy and artsy and fun.  I highly recommend them!
Another shoe heaven for me is a little place in The Waterfront area of Pittsburgh....Gordon's Shoes.  This is the place where I fell hard for Allegria and Think! shoes.    Let me tell you---if you haven't experienced the joy of these shoes yet--I suggest you stop what you are doing right now and explore them!  They are joyous shoes!
I am not sure if I've ever told you  my Bernie Mev love story.  Just in case I didn't--I will tell you now.  I bought a pair of these wonderful shoes at one of my favorite neighborhood shoe shops right before I went on a cruise.  Those shoes were just so yummy and comfy...I was in total love with them.  And, they were RED.  On the day we were departing the ship, Carmen came down with a severe case of sea sickness--rendering him unable to help pack up.  I mean....really?   Anyway, there I was---frantically packing up in that tiny little state room while he laid in bed moaning.  I was so pissed overwhelmed, I was throwing things in the suitcases like a crazy woman.  In my haste, I completely forgot to look under the bed.....where my RED BERNIE MEVS were stashed.  When I got home and realized I had left them on the ship, I was heartbroken.  So, no sooner we were unpacked, I ran over to the shoe store and bought them again.   Thank God they were there!   And, while I was there--I scooped up 2 more pair of Bernie Mevs.  Thankfully, I did.  Because the next season, they quit carrying them.   Heartbroken but determined, I researched where they could be found and have ordered several styles since that time.   They are always my favorite summer shoes.
Now, more recently, when I decided that I wanted very comfy and stylish Fall/Winter shoes and boots to wear with leggins and skinny jeans and other casual clothing, I decided to do some extensive research on what Bernie Mev might offer.   Unfortunately, they don't do much in the way of Fall and Winter.  But, during my study, I stumbled upon another brand--Fly London.  Now, let me tell you---those shoes are TO DIE FOR.  Style. Comfort.  YOU need to own them....NOW.  I bought these ankle booties and these shoes.....(and I have a wish list of a few more!!)....they both came this past week.  I have been in shoe heaven ever since I got them in my shoelovin' hands!  I can tell you that they will be on my feet all weekend long!
Of course, I don't want to forgot a few of my other comfy stylish favs that I recommend......
Franco Sarto
Donald Pliner

Time to put our shoes on and kick off Saturday!!!! 

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Anonymous said...

I wish we lived closer together because I need someone to go shoe shopping with!! I have terrible feet, weirdly shaped so have never found shoes that are comfy and don't make my feet sad I know, lol. plus being poor doesn't help. so needless to say, I do not own any cute stylish shoes :((( but I will check online to see what you recommended. thanks!! Jill from NY