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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sweet dreams......

or just a SWEET DREAM?
Check it out......

Yep, there's another diet on the horizon that's got me all a-flutter......
Ever since I heard the Good Morning America promo the other morning, I just knew I wanted to learn more about it and then blog about it.
I just love diets and diet books and everything weight loss.....
It  gets my adrenaline going and tickles my toes.
That's not to say I have any intention of doing any of  these diets but  I sure do like the toe tickling and adrenaline rushing....
TRUTH?  There are moments when I wish I could to do all the new diets.
Even this one...THE OVERNIGHT DIET....... I could use a good excuse to get some extra rest.  
Let me tell you, if this was anywhere between 1980 and 2007, I would have been out the door buying this book and studying it and then doing it before you could say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

In essence, I was not seeking a diet..
I know that NOW.  
Let the truth be heard.... I hunting for the magic bullet, the holy grail, the cure, the answer to my prayers......

 For me---starting a new diet program was exciting and invigorating and filled with hope. 
Fast forward to a few weeks into whatever new program I was doing and things weren't quite as exciting and invigorating or filled with hope.
But, still......I kept on seeking out the answer to my prayers.
I consider that a good meant that I was always optimistic that someday, some way, I would eventually overcome my obesity.
I never gave up.
Until I found it.....


Now, before the folks in the back row start yelling that the Lapband is not a magic bullet......settle down and let me explain.
It is the magic bullet FOR ME.   
I could have never, ever had the success and made the changes that I needed to make without 2 things-----my Lapband and ME.  
One without the other would not have worked.
The Lapband was my tool.   
I was the person who had to use the tool.
Just like another tool.....the operator is in charge of it's success but the tool itself makes it easier.
THOUGHT:  you can dig a hole with your hands but having a shovel certainly makes it easier to get done. 
For years, I was digging holes with my hands.
Once I got the shovel, I still had to work hard but it was a hell of a lot easier.  
And, I'm not ashamed to admit it.

So.....if you know anyone who has used this diet......I'd love to hear about it.
Sometimes I just need a good diet program fix.
And, a martini.   
Or two.  
This might be the one diet I need to try........

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