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Sunday, February 10, 2013

What happened last night.......

Last night didn't happen exactly as we had planned.
But, what happened couldn't have been planned.

After a week of crazy schedules and lotsa work and  personal obligations gone wild with some major intensity thrown in for good measure, we decided that Saturday night was ours. 
We had very special plans.
Plans for two.
That doesn't happen to often in our life.
So, it was very special.  

What do they say?  Tell God your plans and HE laughs.
This time, HE laughed.  
And, we laughed with HIM.
Thank GOD!

Saturday started out as it always does---I had my dad duty and Carmen made plans to hang with our nephew for a day of  Tex-Mex food and movie-going.
We had plans to meet-up afterwards for a night of just the two of us
We promised that we would not talk about work or kids or chores or our buckling down spouts.
Reservations were made.
A special outfit was carefully planned.
But, life got in the way.   
I found myself with  a few errands that had to be run.
There was no escaping those errands.
So, we readjusted our plans.
No time to run home to change into that special outfit.  
We weren't going to make our reservations. 

We decided we weren't going to let these changes deter us.  
In an effort to save our night, we decided to meet up for drinks some munchies at one of our favorite places.
I tried to get there on time.....I really did. 
But, sometimes an aging parent has other ideas....

Yep....things didn't turn out quite as we had planned.
I didn't have my special outfit on.
We didn't get a chance to go to that special restaurant.
We couldn't even keep our alternate plans.
So, we decided to try for another plan.....a quick drink and a movie.
That didn't work out so well either.
That quick drink turned into something even better than a movie....
We ran into 2 special friends who we haven't seen in over a decade.
Two very special friends who were a very special part of our lives for so many years.
Friends who knew us when....
A few drinks later and lots of  reminiscing and many  laughs later, we found ourselves making special plans for something very rock and roll  this coming summer....
Sure, I would have loved to wear that special outfit and go to that restaurant where we had  special reservations.
 But, I wouldn't would have wanted to miss this special night with special friends making special plans.......
Yes, GOD laughed.
And, we never laughed so hard.....

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Jody V said...

I'm so glad it all worked out! You're always being pulled in a million directions!