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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The thing about Spanx.......

despite their miraculousness when wearing a body hugging outfit, they can play havoc when it comes to drinking......

Spanx might very well be the higher power when it comes to looking good and feeling pretty awesome in one of your more figure clutching dresses but they are not the best thing to be wearing when you follow that 8 glasses of water a day rule.  
Well, let's just say those bathroom visits can become mighty strenuous.
Lots of wiggling and girating going on in the stall.
There's even some stomping of the feet in your heels.
Sort of like a Zumba a 2X3 stall.....hoping no one hears you or sees your feet going at it trying to get them back on!
I'm telling ya, friends, as much as I am a huge fan of Spanx.....for more reasons than I want to list here....they are not a water drinking girl's friend.  

The moral to my story is:
-Do not wear outfits that require Spanx and drink water all day.

When I shared this problem with one of my spirited girlfriends, she just had to one-up me. 
She said that Spanx are also not a girls-night-out-on-the-town friend either.....especially after the second drink...
She's lost her Spanx on several depositing them in bar bathrooms' trash cans after having one too many Spanx wrestling matches in the stall.

There's two morals to her story.....(so yes, she did one-up me)
-Don't wear Spanx when you go out with your girlfriends for a night on the town drinking...they won't look at your rumbles after the first drink anyway.
-If you are ever looking for a pair of Spanx while you are out at a bar or a night might want to check the women's restroom trash can.  You can save a lot of money that way.  

 Just thought you'd want to know.......

Happy Saturday!  


Debbie said...

Kinda like when I used to take my bra off on the parkway when I was driving home from work... I had it down to a science ! Unhook the back, reach up one sleeve grab the strap, pull your arm out, repeat on the other side, reach up under the shirt front and yank the bastard out , then throw the offending object on the passenger side floor. Ahhh comfort.

Jody V said...

Absolutely the truth! A pair of my spanx are in the trash at the Chart House!

Nikki609 said...

They now have crotchless Spanx! LOL...I only know this because that is what they told me to purchase when I got married and they didn't want me to have to go through all that torture in a big ol' wedding gown...they are the best! :)