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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Two weeks and counting.......

until I hit the beach.
Bathing I come!

Today's challenge:  find my bathing suits.
I know they are hiding out in my closet somewhere.  
I'll bet you thought my challenge would get my body bathing suit ready.  
No.  It's as ready as it will ever be.  
I am no longer living in a world where I fall into a complete and utter panic mode two weeks before vacation because I have to put on a bathing suit and then start feverishly working out and starving myself to death.  I have matured quite a bit. 
Not to mention the fact that I got a Lapband and lost over 100 pounds.   
Trust me, I am fully aware that no one would mistake me for a Victoria Secret model on the beach but they also could not mistake me for a beached whale either.
 I'm perfectly content being a 53 year old woman who can wear a bathing suit on the beach and not feel completely miserable. 
And, I'm extremely thankful that I am not a bikini-wearing woman!  It's bad enough I have to find one piece bathing suits in my closet.  
Could you imagine the challenge I would have on my hands if I had to find a teensy-weensy bikinis?   

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~Miss Lorie~ said...

What a great victory! :) No scrambling!