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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My BAND WAGON tour continues......

Next stop?

I'm not one who needs or even wants life is to be tied up in a perfect package.
As a matter of fact, I kind of like the unexpected twists and turns....I call them surprises. 
So, I guess one could say I am leading the life I like.....because, damn, there are lots of surprises.   
But, there are times when surprises sure can come at the most inconvenient times.
Take for instance the fact that I am heading to a conference for a few days right here in good old Pittsburgh PA.
That's not the surprise.  
Because its being hosted here in Pittsburgh,  I've got a slate full of things that I have to do.
That's not the surprise either.
The surprise is that quite some time ago when the conference planners were looking for folks to set up nights-on-the-town for conference goers---I must have lost my mind and volunteered.   
I guess I thought it would be fun to take a group of folks to great places for dinners and to show them the sites of Pittsburgh and entertain them!
Now, I'm knee deep in pulling together reservations and plans and schedules and transportation and maps and....well, you get the picture.  
Typically, I am not this unready for entertaining. 
Typically, I am not this overwhelmed by the thought of showing off my city and what it has to offer to a bunch of out-of-towners. 
But, this time, I am.
First and foremost---because I somehow forgot about my volunteerism. 
And, secondly---because I have so much going on that I am not sure if I'm forgetting something....something really big.....that I need to do. 
And, thirdly--because this conference is in my hometown---my at-home responsibilities do not go away. 
And, lastly.....I'm already exhausted and teetering on my BAND WAGON tour.

Just another detour.......


Mar's kids said...

Oooh, where ya goin'?? I'm sure you'll be fine - hope you get to have some fun.

Jody V said...

I wish I could join the festivities! Maybe they wouldn't notice? Hang in there and I look forward to your posts!!