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Friday, March 23, 2012

More pants talk.....

When did Friday get here?
I'm not sure.
But, I'll take it.

On with the pants.....

The other night, my girlfriend and I had a very indepth and lengthy conversation about pants.
Yes, there's lots of things to talk about when it comes to pants!
The seed that started our conversation was that I mentioned to her that I had worn a pair of growing pants that day.
What are growing pants?
They are pants that seem to grow in size throughout the day.
I had just purchased these particular pants a few weeks back and I loved them so much when I tried them on and they were such an amazing price that I bought 3 pair--in different colors.  What I wasn't crazy about was the fact that I had to buy a larger size than I normally do.  That was not a good thing. But, considering the price and the style and the yummy colors, I decided these were pants that I could not pass up.
The fact that my normal size seemed as though they would be unflatteringly snug if I would be wearing them with anything tucked it, I decided that I should definitely buy the larger size.  Was I wrong? How was I to know they would be growing pants?
 After a day in those  growing pants, I wasn't quite sure what to do about the other 2 pair that I had not worn.  Should I return them and buy my regular size?  I was quite perplexed and decided to seek out my friend's counsel.
We debated the issue for quite some time and discussed the theory that perhaps there are times when you should probably  buy pants--like jeans and other cottony fabrics---a little snug because they will grow.  But, we also noted that these same fabrics do tend to shrink when laundered and run through the dryer so that theory may not be the best one to follow.
We pondered the idea that the cheaper the pants, the more we could not depend on the sizing.
We wondered if sizes were just a bunch of hogwash.
We discussed the perils of pants shopping.
We compared notes on how many pair of black pants each of us own.
We  divulged our worst pants moments and our best pants moments.
We confessed the highest price we ever paid for pants.
And, we shared our pants fantasies.

In the end, we decided it was best that I just wash and dry all three pairs and hope for the best.
Not a novel idea and possibly not the best solution.  But, considering the price of gas and the fact that if I do go out to the mall to return them, I would surely buy even more stuff (I'm not a girl who can go into a mall with buying something....).  Then, so much for my bargain pants!

I wonder what our pants talk would have sounded like 100 pounds ago?

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