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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Going on F*I*V*E..........

a fact that's pretty damn hard to believe!

My father always tells me that time passes much quicker the older you get.
Once again, the good old Irish fella is right.

I had Lapband surgery in August 2007.
Yeah that's me folks....the morning I left for my surgery....posing with the Superwoman outfit I was planning on wearing the following July 4th.  (FYI--I never wore the outfit...)  I will never know what possessed me to wear all white!  What 250 pound woman wears all white?  One that wants her BEFORE picture to look really, really bad?

It's 2012 folks.
That's 5---1,2,3,4 FIVE---years ago.
Mama mia!
In keeping with my picturography of my we go!

I kicked off September 2011 feeling as though I needed to be a bit more careful of what I was eating and how much I was eating.  With my Lapband filled to the brim and my new found expertise on what I could eat with no problem, I knew that I might soon grow out of my pants if I didn't stay focused on eating the right foods and the proper quantities.  I won't lie--I was worried.  

October 2011 brought with it a new Trader Joe's within minutes of my house.  Couple that with the impending holiday season and I had myself a full blown anxiety-riddled month.  That anxiety caused quite a few chocolate and candy eating episodes.  I was starting to "feel" my stomach again.  I didn't like the feeling at all.  So, I went out and bought some Spanx. 

I cooked my way through November, and shopped and entertained and partied my way through December.  I became addicted to Peppermint Bark and other assorted goodies by the year's end.  I had fleeting moments of real panic followed by more Peppermint Bark.  By the new year,  I could just feel those extra pounds.  I knew they were there.  But, I refused to accept it.  I pretended my room was too messy to make my way to scale.  Well, I really didn't have to pretend too hard....
These last two months have been a bit of a battle with 8-12 pounds. Blame it on the Peppermint Bark or the pretzels or whatever hell you please. The fact of the matter is that I deserve them.  I am not going to sugar coat it, folks....the reality is that I have been misbehaving.  Sure, I'm not misbehaving enough to put on 100 pounds.  But, a dieting girl like me knows all too well that 100 pounds always starts with just 5 or 10 pounds. 

The one thing I will tell you friends is this--the journey never ends.  And, for that, I am happy.   
I am a journeyer!  
I'm not happy about the extra pounds I am battling but I least it gives me another topic to whine  about discuss!
Thanks for joining me and supporting me and motivating me and encouraging me. 
I need to share my journey as much....maybe even more....than you need to hear about it!


Jody V said...

I needed to hear that the journey never ends. Now I have to live it. As you say...ONWARD!

Sam said...

Congrats on an amazing journey, so far :o)