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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just between you and me......

I'm planning a very quiet, low key Fourth Bandiversary celebration.
I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings so I'd prefer you not blab all over creation about this little celebration.
I wouldn't want anyone to know they aren't invited.
And, I definitely don't want the place crawling with papparazzi.
You probably find it rather odd that I'm not having my usual explosion of a party in Judiland.
But, I gotta be honest here---it's been an exhausting, overwhelming, completely draining and did-I-say-exhausting? few weeks here in my corner of the world.
I'd tell you all about it but I'm just way too tuckered out to even form a rational sentence let alone entertain you or inspire you.
What I will tell you is this.....
Four years ago, at this very moment, I changed my life in more ways that I could have ever imagined. (click there to go back in time....)
It not only changed my pants size and the number on the scale but it totally transformed how I feel about myself, how I interact with others and how I live my daily life.
It's given me control over something that I never had control over--my weight.
It gave me the power to overpower what overpowered me--food.
To some people, their weight may not matter as much and they may be perfectly happy with living full filling, purposeful lives regardless of a few pounds here and a few pounds there.
That's not me.
But, I could not do it.
Throw tomatoes at me if you wish.
Call me vain or self centered or just plain crazy.
I can take it.
I completely own my vanity and my self centeredness and my craziness.
Sure, it was also somewhat about my health and living longer.
But it was also about enjoying life so I could enjoy being healthy and wanting to live longer.
And, I do that much better in a size 8 or 10 than a size 18 or 22.
That is who I am.
That is what makes me happy.
My Lapband helped make me happier.
Which, in turn, has helped me make the world a happier place.
Being happy is good.
That's reason for a celebration....even if it's a quiet one.

Welcome to my happier place.
Here's a few happy shots from the past month...


Thank you for helping me get here and for staying with me through it all.
Please don't go make it an even happier place to be!


Rhonda said...

Happy bandiversary to you, Judi! :)

Darlin1 said...

Congratulations to you rock!

Kathy said...

Happy Bandiversary Judi.....I'm sorry I missed it......oh wait, I wasn't invited was I? Anyway congratulations to you.