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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pants whispering....

Between you and me....
I think I figured out why I shopped so much......
Excuse me while I speak rather softly....
I often wondered why I never had a thing to wear when the seasons changed.
I never got it when I would compliment someone on an outfit and they would say "oh, I got this last year".....
Really? I mean.....really?
You got those pants last year and they fit this year? You are shittin' me....
I was in utter amazement that they had bought those pants last summer (or winter or fall or spring) and they still fit this summer (or winter or fall or spring).
Because for me---for a good portion of the past 30 years, nothing ever fit from the year before.
Oh sure, I had a few things I could make do with.
It was like I was a growing child!!!
What size does she wear this year?
Especially when it came to pants.
I always needed a whole new set of pants each season.
So, unless I wanted to go pantless.....I had to shop.
For pants.

It's no wonder that I have this ridiculous fear of putting on pants for the first time each season.
In fact, my affliction got so bad for several of those years that I didn't even bother to try on my pants from the year before! Why torture myself? I just went and bought new ones.
Whether I needed them or not.
So, believe me when I tell you---putting on a pair of pants from last year is a huge step for me.
A huge, huge step.
It was even worse this year.
Because last summer is when I saw myself get to a new low in pants sizes.
Never in my wildest imagination would I believe that I could wear that same low pants size two years in a row.
Therefore, last year, I took great pride in strutting in those pants.....trying to get the most out of them since I just could not imagine I'd ever wear them past the Summer of 2010.
But, you know what?
I'm wearing those pants this year.
(thank you Lapband!)
And, you know what else?
I think I might just go and buy more.
Just because I like that size.
Don't tell anyone that I haven't recovered from my shopoholic behavior.

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