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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back in the saddle.....

getting ready to fall off my horse......

I'm going to warn everyone up blogging may either be non existent or more than you can handle for the next ten days.
It all depends.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
You see, no sooner did I return from the city that never sleeps, I entered into a world that never sleeps.
I've moved lock, stock and barrel into my sister's home to be the primary caretaker for my father for the next ten days. Beginning RIGHT NOW!
In between all of that....yes, I have to go to work.
While my sisters and their families as well as my father's regular caretaker go to the beach.
Yeah, we didn't plan that too well....having everyone on vacation at the same time.... including his regular, wonderful, full time caretaker Mary Kay!
Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.
But, of course, they all need a break. Life gets very taxing.
I'm more than willing and happy to step in and cover all the duties that need attended to so that my sisters can dig their toes in the sand, enjoy some beach drinks, romp with their children and get a respite from everyday life. And, of course, if anyone needs a little vacation--it's his full time caregiver--Mary Kay. They all deserve it.
And, what's 10 days in my life anyhow?
I guess we are about to find out!
Thankfully, I won't be entirely on my own.
We managed to scramble a bit and scrape up some help.
Lovely blog reader and genuinely sweet girl Brittany stepped forward to make sure I can get out the door each morning and a myriad of friends and other generous folks have agreed to pitch hit so I can carry on life in Judiland. As much as I can....
Now, when I say a world that never sleeps, I am not kidding.
I'm counting on the activity brought on by people coming and going to keep my father alert and awake during the day hours so that he doesn't keep me up all night watching Pirate games that go into 19 innings, reruns of Walker Texas Ranger, the History Channel, non stop CNN or his tales of life. As much as those things can be enjoyable (ahhh....)....a girl needs her beauty sleep.
And, her sanity.
Oh, and to drive to work without falling asleep at the wheel.

Now, not to break away from the true thread of my Lapband, food, eating and my weight loss....I'd like to take this opportunity to give you a little insight into how that will all be integrated into my week of father sitting.
My father is on a diet.
Yes, my 91 year old father is on a mission to lose 20+ pounds.
There will no non stop Klondike eating.
Or so he says.
My sister has put him on strict orders to cut out the fun food, to eat healthy and to lose weight.
So, when my sister was still within a 10 mile radius of him, he informed me of the plan.
He was not smiling at all when he told me about it.
But, he said that he is committed.
Now that my sister is safely tucked away at the beach.....hundred of miles away....I wonder just how committed he will be.
Klondikes are on sale this week, you know.
Considering that my father gained 12 (yes 12!) pounds last summer when I took over the reigns of his care when my sisters escaped to the beach, this diet thing might be what puts me over the edge.
I have always counted on food to keep him happy and busy.
Maybe it's not him but me that needs to rewire my brain when it comes to food....

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