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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good-bye June!

June wrap-up:
It's been a good month.
I'm back to fighting weight.
I continue to be thankful for the gift of this Lapband.
And, I bought a size 6 dress.
Now you know why it's been a good month.

As we parade into July.....
I'm taking a little time-out here on Stories from the Road.
I know, I know....I've been taking lots of hiatuses.
Please hear me out......
The house is filling up again, we've got a wedding and all it's hoopla, we've got parties and dinners and celebrations galore.
So, there's lots of prepping and cooking and primping and fussing and dressing up to do.
Plus....did I mention I'd be cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning and entertaining and then cooking and cleaning and entertaining again?
That's why I won't be blogging!

I'll show you pictures of all of the festivities from Judiland as soon as I get back.
And, I promise there will be a picture of me in my size 6 dress.
Oh and I just can't wait to show you my shoes....

Until then.......
Please firework responsibly.....

May you and yours enjoy a wonderful and fun-filled
Fourth of July Weekend!



Jody V said...

Enjoy Judi!

Anonymous said...

Have a wondeful time. Can't wait to see the pics. Luv ya! L