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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dadland in Judiland.....

I'm in charge of a 90 year old Frank Carr for the next 48 hours.
YES,the entire 48 hours.
So, blog friends, don't expect much.
He could summon me at any time to watch Walker Texas Ranger.

One never knows if Sarah Palin will piss him off and he will need calming.
God knows what will happen if he can't find the Catholic Channel at the right time to do the rosary.

Heaven forbid some Republican comes on TV and starts talking health care or social security or gun control or abortion or taxes or anything they talk about....we might have blood pressure issues.

My father loves being a Democrat.
An Irish Democrat--to be more precise. Irish Catholic Democrat.
Yes, that's the bottom line with him.

My father has no tolerance for anyone who isn't registered to vote or who doesn't exercise their right to vote.
He'd like it if you were a Democrat.
A Democrat who says the rosary is tops with him.

He thanks God...several times a day.... his daughters are Democrats.
He prays his son-in-laws are.
He is too respectful to ask them. (they are)
He sucks up the rosary thing....he knows his daughters would not do the rosary daily.
As long as we are Democrats....he will do the rosary for gives him something to do.
With 3 daughters and doing the rosary for each of us.....he's a busy guy.
Add that to the fact that his 3 girls are not angels or saints....he's got some praying to do!!!
We love giving him something to live for.
He loves praying for sins.
So.....we continue.....


Maybe This Time said...

LOVE this posting! hope you and frank have a GREAT 48 together! bless you both...!

~Lisa~ said...

If he's looking for something else to do, I could use one of those rosaries!

Enjoy this time together!

Lee Ann said...

LOL, Judi! When I was a kid I asked my dad if he would be mad if I married someone who wasn't white. He roared, "I don't care WHAT color they are, as long as they are REPUBLICAN." So when I introduced my half white/half middle-eastern husband, I waited a very VERY long time to break the news that he did not, in fact, meet that *one* little requirement. Sorry Dad. :)

(He loves him anyway).

Beth Ann said...

This made me giggle. Hope your time with dad is going well. :)

Anonymous said...

I love him....