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Friday, October 9, 2009

Headed off to college.....

Yes, we're headed on a little weekend road's Homecoming at Toni's lovely campus.
We'll be staying with my darling niece at her adorable apartment and meeting up with our fun friends Patty and Mike for a weekend of doing whatever you do at college! we go........

The French martini jello shots are chilling
The strawberry margaritas are freezing
The sangria is concocted
The cookies are baked
The chili lime shrimp is marinating
The kettle chips are waiting to go
My red and black cowboy boots are sitting by the door
And, the special little surprises I bought to cheer my sweet little girl up are bagged up and twirled with ribbon.......
Toni.....I can't wait to see you baby!
Your mommy will make it all better!
I'm bringing BAND AIDS!!!!!!!!!
See you Monday blogger friends....have a great weekend!!!

1 comment:

Gen said...

OOOOHHHHH looks beautiful. I went to college in PA!

Have a wonderful weekend!