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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


it doesn't just happen in your stomach......

A Lapband is a little bit like getting older.
You can taste the good things, nourish yourself with what you need and cut down on the excess stuff.
That's what I am thinking as I digest the latest rounds of changes in my work life.
A few years ago, these changes would have me crying and fretting.
Today....not so much.
Why is that?
Because I know what's good in my work life-- working with many of my colleagues, the work that we do and of course--payday.
And...the other stuff....I don't need it.
Not any more.

I'm old enough to be so over the career girl thing.
And my stomach isn't big enough to overeat because of it.


Debbie said...

You own it !

Anonymous said...

You go girl....