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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Don't let them take away my ENERGY!!!!!

I need your help.



Yesterday...I eased into my back-from-a-2-week-vacation-work-week by stopping at my 2nd favorite Starbuck's to fuel up with my beloved chai latte with a double energy shot. The caffinated young woman behind the counter took my order and then exclaimed...
"I've been wondering where you've been! I have something to tell you!"
"I was on vacation. What's up?" I responded...wondering what she could possibly tell me.
"We are getting rid of energy shots!" she said
"WHAT?" I gasped...trying to steady myself by holding on to the counter.
"The minute I heard, I thought of you" she said with a look of sympathy.
"WHAT?" I said in disbelief....still trying to stand up straight...
"They told us that as soon as we finish our supply, we aren't getting anymore," she explained
"Well then....can I buy your supply?" I said, hoping to get a positive response.
I neeeeed my energy shots.
At that, the woman making my drink chirped--"We don't sell them like that"
"They can't just take away the energy shots!" I said, trying to hold back a primal scream
"I guess they aren't a big seller," the woman said as she put the shot into my drink.
"I know quite a lot of people who use them!" I responded with conviction--as if convincing this woman would change anything
"Not really. You are about the only one we have," she said...adding "and you don't come in everyday".
Well, that's because that particular location is my 2nd favorite Starbuck's.
"But, I go to a Starbuck's everyday! Sometimes twice a day!" I confessed.
Come to think of it--I had been at my #1 favorite Starbuck's as soon as I rolled into my little suburban hamlet from vacation! My favorite barristas did not even mention this problem when they saw me! THEY KNOW I AM AN ENERGY SHOT DEVOTTEE! Were they just so happy to see me that they somehow forgot to mention it to me?
Or, were the folks at my 2nd favorite Starbuck's somehow misguided in their information....?

I'm taking no chances here friends.

My life is hanging in the balance.

I've already contacted the honchos at Starbucks.
And, I NEEEED you to do the same.
Here's the link.
Email them.
You can copy and paste the message below if you don't want to compose your own.
But, feel free to give 'em your own brand of HELL!
For those less inclined or more gentile.....kill them with kindness.

Dear Starbucks:
I heard a rumor you are discontinuing offering your energy shots. Is this true? If so, I urge you to reconsider this decision!!! It is what makes me and many of my friends come to Starbucks!
Thank You.
P.S. If you really have to get rid of your energy shots--please let me know where I can purchase them on the market.

Oh, and by the way....tell all of your friends to email Starbucks at well.
And another thing---stop by a Starbucks today and order an energy shot in your drink.
Then, you will understand....

We have the power to keep those ENERGY shots flowing........!


Bookncoffee said...

They took away my Banana Frappacino too after I was addicted to them and that resulted in my banning visits to starbucks for 1 year. lol Once the year was over I went back. Now I'm hooked on Vanilla Bean Frappacino and if they don't have the right type of Frappacino next summer I'll ban another year. lol

Kathy said...

Hmmmm....I get the chai latte and have never tried the energy shots. Do they make a difference for you? I guess I need to order it with the energy shot next time. In the meantime I will send an email off right now.......

Ashley said...

i think in the next couple of weeks i'm going to order that Boosta Shot off on for a liter bottle it's like 18.50

luv ya

Cat said...

This has also broke my heart! Those energy shots were better than anything else I have tried. Would like to know how you would score 2 shots as I was told they are not allowed to do that. Now I don't have a reason to go to Starbucks. I can just go to the rival chain next to my house and even save a buck or two each time.