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Friday, November 28, 2008

Unleash your inner shopping vixen.....'s Black Friday......the official start to the holiday shopping season....BE SEXY....

Prove you are not just another sexy shopper!
Don't let the sales and deals of the day consume you!
When you're standing in those LONG LINES waiting to buy those must-haves...recite one or two of these Black Friday trivia nuggets.....

Did you know? The earliest known reference to "Black Friday" is November 29,1975. The term was mentioned in two separate articles, both with Philadelphia timelines. Therefore, the term Black Friday is believed to have originated in Philadelphia.

Did you know? "Black Friday" was originally named with deference to other stressful and chaotic days such as Black Tuesday (the day of the 1929 stock market crash).

Did you know? The generally accepted meaning of "Black Friday" changed November 26, 1982. On that day, ABC News reported that Black Friday is the day that retailers' ledgers go from red ink to black ink, signaling profit.

Did you know? Black Friday is not the busiest shopping day of the year. #1 is usually the Saturday prior to Christmas.

Happy Shopping to sexy thing!

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