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Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday, Monday........

No matter what, we all have to get back to the reality that is our life. Back to the life we lead about 75% of the the time. We have to take off our thongs and put our hi-cut briefs back on. Take off our tiaras and put away the credit cards. It's not such a bad thing.....we can't live la vita loca 24/7. Well, at least not when you're 49, have a few kids, a job, live less than a mile from your 87 year old father and have a husband whose schedule rivals those of presidential candidates. But, it takes a few days of recovery. I'm thinking that by Wednesday, I should be good to go. By then, I should have recovered enough to get back to my normal life. Funny thing is, my normal life doesn't wait for me to recover. It just blasts back in. "Reality Judi" can't show up on Wednesday. She was due here today. Early this morning as a matter of fact. After the weekend that I had---where I did nothing at all that resembled laundry, housework, cooking, grocery shopping or attentive daughter behavior---I am now faced with a Red-bulled version of my normal life. It's Monday on crack cocaine around here. My dad has a cold and feels rotten---he tells me he hasn't felt well for going on 3 weeks---who knew? He never mentioned it. Pay him little or no attention for a few days and all of a sudden he's been sick for 3 weeks. And, then there's the whole Mother Hubbard's cupboard thing. There's no fruit for lunches. No veggies for salads. No milk. No oatmeal. No yogurt. Heck, we're getting low on toilet paper. There's a few half bottles of wine and a pack of contraband cigarettes. So, if I could convince everyone that smoking and drinking could tide them over--for just a few days---I'd be in fine shape. But, if they wanted to eat or void, I may have a bit of a problem. So, I'm back at it. No more Gin Rickies at lunch or wondering if somehow I dragged home a huge bouquet of helium balloons in a drunken stupor(which, by the way....I didn't---- but it sure was fun to think that I was wild and crazy enough to do it and not even remember it!). It was a lovely girly-girl weekend with a little bit of bad girl thrown in just for fun. Yes, I rocked. Now, it's time to roll.

And, repent.

Do you think a few days wearing this outfit will help with the repenting?
It would hide a multitude of sins (of the mind, body & soul).
I'm not sure what the shoes look like. But, I'm guessing from the looks of the entire outfit and the model herself, they are probably bad enough that if I did wear them,
I'd certainly be cleared of all transgressions.

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