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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wine-ing and dining........

As much as I love showing off my pictures and telling you all about my trip and not talk about much more that just that, I've been itching to share a revelation that came to me as I sipped a lovely wine while taking in the sweeping views of rolling hills dotted with vineyards set against a tranquil lake .
So, I figured that I'd pepper my post today with some pictures and a bit of wisdom about Year 4 of my lapbanded life.....

Quarry Hill Winery---sipping wine at this hilltop winery
brings you that much closer to heaven.

Here goes.....

Now that my life is not all about food, it has become all about food.

No, I am not still tipsy from my wine-ing.
It's not the wine speaking.

It's just me in my own sober I reflect on the many wonderful moments spent at some beautiful restaurants and wineries during our lovely trip.

Hermes Vineyards.....a rustic winery that was once a family owned working farm.....
nestled in farmlands on the banks of Sandusky Bay.

I can't seem to find words worth enough to describe to you how my definition of loving food has changed.
It's changed....yes.
Yet it remains the same.....where it my heart, in my soul.I feel the same passion, the same excitement and the very same love.
It runs deep.

Chez Francois--a hidden gem in the darling historic harbor town of Vermillion Ohio.
It's a world famous restaurant and winery that has truly earned it's reputation!

My desire to enjoy the entire process of selecting and eating food has not changed.
I've developed a new relationship with food that's even more fullfilling than it was when I was filling myself with food.

Thanks to my Lapband, I have found a peaceful, loving way to enjoy food.

My delectable lobster bisque dinner. This and a glass or two of Sauvignon Blanc......perfect!
Sharing Creme was a wonderful way to end our meal with a touch of sweetness and dab of romance.

Wine-ing and's just a beautiful thing.

Thank you all for coming along with me as I revisited some of the places and moments on my wonderful escape from Judiland.......

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Tina said...

yup..funny isn't it that the bad didnt kill the food fun but made it even better :) I feel the same. Your pictures looked awesome! I am itching for some vacation too!