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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


(photo by Pati)
At work!

As soon as my work life settles down a bit, I'll be back to posting more!
I promise!

In the meantime, I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone (that's a ridiculous saying, isn't it?)........

*Here's proof that I really am AT WORK......that's me standing by my office door today
*I wanted to share with you what I look like 3 months post LapBand

Stay tuned......please!
I'll make you a keep coming back and I will promise you
some very exciting new postings...........


Daffodil Hill said...

Girl, you look downright AMAZING!! It's good to see you back in Blogland. I've missed you!

marib said...

Hi Judi!

You look wonderful! I'll send you my picture in your email! Let me know what you think! It's a good idea to take these shots since we can't tell in "real life" that we have changed until we see a pic of ourselves.
Your door is decorated great. Go Steelers!
Hope you get a chance to post more. I check everyday!

bigbandedbob said...

Hey Sexy!
Wow, if I worked with you I could not keep my dirty little mind on work! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! (my man roar!) That man of yours is chasing you all over the place, betcha. A miracle you get to work!
Next time post a picture that does not cover up so much! WOOOOOHOOO!
hugs, Bob

Anonymous said...

Judi! are looking great so far! I miss your many words though..hope you find time and inspiration to write again soon. I need the smiles you bring to me!

Anonymous said...

Happy Bruce Day!
When I heard on the radio this morning that Bruce was coming to town tonight, ASAP thought of you! I know you'll be there rockin' that body! I'll bet you'll loose 10 pounds!
If he sings "Growing Up" think of ME!
Hope you wear something a little more edgey tonight! You look great!
Rock ON!

Anonymous said...

Where are you? Where in the HELL are you? I need some inspiration & motivation! Judi, Judi, come back! Did you leave town with Bruce?