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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Could my day get any better?

Look what I just found out about!

They come in individual packages that you can slip right into your Christmas-y red purse (you all have one, don't you?)! Why didn't I think of this!!!! You order tequila over ice (the bartender will look at you like "whoa, ain't she a bad ass!") and then when no one is looking, you slip this little packet out of your purse, quietly stir it in that straight tequila and woo-hoo, you got yourself a LapBand-friendly Margarita! And, I'll bet that after your 2nd little secret margarita, you won't be hiding anymore! Heck, you'll be dancing on the bar wearing those little packets as earrrings (or pasties....). This is almost as good as smuggling one of those bags of wine (pull it out of the box...) into concerts in a purse with a hole cut in the side for the spout. And it ranks right up there with wrapping a box of wine in birthday paper....masquerading it as a can take it anywhere!

Thinking "inside the box" today......margaritas and wine! Like I said....could my day get any better?

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