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Thursday, April 2, 2015


Hippety, hoppety Easter is on it's way!  

We are taking the Bunny Trail on a little Easter weekend road trip.  
A much, much needed one.  
My resident engineer is just returning from a rather annoying business trip to Atlanta....where everything that could go wrong....did.  In fact, what did go wrong even managed to send me into a bit of a tail spin for a few hours. He somehow managed to lose his phone...dropping it in a parking lot.  When he finally found appears he had run over it....goodbye phone.  But, he didn't know anyone's phone number (they are all programmed in his phone!) and no one could reach him.  So, of course, I thought he was laying dead somewhere in an alley in Atlanta.....not a good way to spend the early hours of April Fool's Day!!  Like many of us.... his phone is his lifeline for everything---from is daily appointments, his email, his connection to his office....everything.  By the time he and I connected, he was not a very pleasant guy to talk to and although I was relieved that he wasn't dead in an alley,  I was in serious need of some sleep.  He was hoping to get an earlier flight out but due to the loss of his phone (where he had his boarding pass loaded and all of his flight info!), he had to take care of some details...which delayed him enough that he's on a later flight.....
Yeah, not good. 
And, if I haven't mentioned it yet---my dear fashionista daughter accepted a new job a few weeks ago....working for the first time "behind the scenes of fashion" the corporate office of a very large retail organization.   Although it was hard for her to leave a place she loved, she knew this was a great opportunity.  It's been a very overwhelming few weeks for her and I've found myself picking up my cheerleading pom-poms more times in the past few weeks than I ever had to with her!
But, it's all good

This year, for the first time in over 30-some years, I will not be shackled to my kitchen for close to 3 solid days whipping up the traditional Italian Easter favorites and I won't be entertaining a gadzillion family and friends.  Although many of the traditional foods are welcomed, there are a few that no one really cares about.  Except me.  I care about them so I make them.  And, then....I eat them.  For days and days and days.  
So, yes....we are breaking with tradition this year.  We are loading up the car and going to visit my son the doctor.
We're hoping to just relax and enjoy some very rare family time......just the 4 of us...and our darling grand dog.
Friday, we plan to visit a few of our favorite shopping spots and markets  and then enjoy what my son is telling us will be a culinary adventure in his gourmet kitchen.  I am so looking forward to that! He's a super creative cook and spends enormous amounts of time and energy on planning every aspect of a meal.  And.....he is extremely careful to hunt down local products and produce.  It fills me with great pride.....not to mention a great meal! 
On Saturday, we have some loose plans....visiting a new brew co op our son joined, doing the mid-day wine tasting at a wonderful wine, spirit and gourmet shop we stumbled upon a few years ago
and then we have reservations at a Latin tapas restaurant that's been getting rave reviews for Saturday night as our official Easter celebration. 
 No Easter Pizza Rustica (similar recipe) or Sweet Easter Pie (similar recipe, although I add chopped marachino cherries too) in sight.........

Sending you all the blessings of Easter.....


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I just got goose bumps at the thought of losing my phone. YIKES!

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