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Thursday, October 30, 2014

October, October, where for art thou Judi?

So, maybe you were wondering where I've been....or maybe not. 
Last we spoke, I was a few weeks into my own running program--Couch to 5K (C25K),
I was remotely cheering on my lovely niece as she ran the Chicago marathon.....

There she is...completing it!!!! 

and I was preparing to go the Columbus Marathon to cheer on my son the doctor. 
My son's lovely friend and I at mile 10......

And, there he mile 22!!!! 
Perhaps you had visions of me as a resident of  some home for C25K drop outs. 
Or, maybe you thought I decided to tour the country as a marathon cheerleader.
Alas, neither of those are true.
As a matter of fact, I was right here in Judiland, doing what I do, trying to keep my head above water and desperately trying to stay with my commitment to my C25K program.
And, all of it has been very overwhelming and may I say....EXHAUSTING!
My niece's journey to complete her very first marathon and witnessing all of the runners at the Columbus Marathon fueled my desire to continue my running program--despite a grueling  day-to-day work schedule and despite a a little physical setback (I wiped out on a wet floor in the Faculty Dining Room and went down on my knee....ouch! And, oh yeah, it was pretty embarrassing...but they paid for my lunch....all $2.95 of it!)  And, of course...those cute running outfits that I invested in have definitely provided some inspiration to keep me going back to my running group......even if I am the slowest and most unlikely runner ever in the history of their group.....
You think I'm kidding when I tell you that I am the slowest and most unlikely runner in the history of their group?
Nope. I most certainly am not kidding you!  
And, I can prove it.
Let me tell you my little story.....
 I am very dedicated to my running group.  I go to every run (unless I am out of town) and conditioning session and whatever else they do.  So, I am a very familiar face...and I talk a lot...and ask a lot of questions and I look pretty battered and beaten at each session.... and I breath pretty heavy! So, yes, everyone knows me!  I am pretty sure people go home and talk about this annoying woman who shows up in some great outfits but can't run more than 94 seconds without saying Hail Mary's that it will soon be over and then limps and groans all the way to her car when it's over........
Although I don't really talk to everyone in the group, I have a few women in the group who I managed to become friendly with.  Three of these particular women were running the Columbus Marathon and they knew that I was also going....not as a runner....but as a spectator. with most runners, they go to marathons together.  Several members of my group that I really don't know  were going to run either the Half or Full Marathon along with the three women I am friendly with.
Got that?   
Now, this particular marathon is a pretty big one.  And, with all of the hotels sold out  and the restaurants packed to the gills across Columbus and the surrounding areas due to the marathon and Fleetwood Mac being in town, things were bustling.   So....even the thought that we would all see each other was pretty remote.  But, as with most things in Judilife....the most extraordinary things do happen.
Who would have guessed that my little running group from the South Suburbs of Pittsburgh would be at the very same little  restaurant in Columbus as my son, his lovely friend and my husband and I?  
But, that's what happened.
They were sitting right inside the doorway as we walked in.  I didn't see them right away but when someone called across to me.... "Hey.....aren't you in our running group?"  I immediately took notice and waved to the entire table.....
The look on their faces was priceless.   They all looked pretty confused.....
"Oh my I am so impressed!  You are running the marathon!"  one of the women said excitedly.
I could see  the 'OMG.....SHE IS RUNNING?' looks on their facesI am not sure if they were more concerned for my life or if they were worried I was running with them.....!!

Then, a few seconds later, one of my running friends noticed me.  She immediately jumped out of her seat and came to hug me.  Then, the other two running friends came over and we had a little reunion of sorts.  "They think YOU are running"  my one friend said, laughing and pointing at the group. 
Just then, my wonderful husband  piped up...."No, she is drinking...."
I could feel and hear the wave of relief that came over the table as they all held up their water glasses and cheered me on......
They carbo loaded.   I drank martinis.
All was right with the world.....

And, the journey continues.......

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