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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

BLINDsided by a PEPPER!

On Sunday morning.......this is what I was doing.....
Getting my hot peppers ready to stuff while the sweet peppers and zucchini waited their turn....

I was happily ensconced in my kitchen.
I had the food network on the TV.
I was sipping my tea.
All was good with the world.
Then, in an instant, my world went crazy.
With a brief touch of a finger to my eye......the sting of the "pepper residue" ignited a fierce and debilating burn in my eye.
It lasted all day.
And lingered a bit into Monday and Tuesday.
Today, it's only a terrible memory.
One I won't soon forget.....

No, that was not an excuse for why I didn't blog for a few days.
Sadly, it's the truth.

So, please, friends....if you are ever cleaning out hot peppers.....wear gloves and be sure to keep your fingers away from your face (and any other part of your body!).......

In better news--my stuffed peppers got rave reviews! 


Jody V said...

Glad it's better!

Grandma Bonnie said...

where are you? I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're okay.