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Monday, November 26, 2012

Anyone looking for a cute TURKEY?

It's seasoned and completely cooked!   It's a sassy, sweet and  petite little turkey dressed in a lovely silver lame jacket and just waiting in my fridge for a loving home......

Take me, I'm yours! All you have to do is CARVE ME!

Remember when I said that I made 4 turkeys?
Well, I was lying.
I made 5.
Blame it on my last minute panic attack (that I had on Thanksgiving #2 this past Saturday) that I would run out of turkey. 
Yes, I've got issues.....but we're not going to talk about all of my issues right now.
The only issue we are going to discuss is the one that's pressing at this precise moment.....the fact that I have a fully cooked turkey sitting in my fridge that needs a home. 
The other 2 tins filled with leftover carved turkey are not taking too kindly to this intact bird taking up valuable fridge space.  Not to mention how claustrophic the leftover stuffings, leftover mashed potatoes, leftover cranberry relish and all the other leftover foods are feeling right now.  Being squished in a fridge is not their idea of having a good time.....
So, if you know anyone looking for a turkey, let me know NOW. 
By 5 am tomorrow morning, this bird is going to turkey heaven......

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Mar's kids said...

Please tell me you didn't ditch this bird!! Honestly, I'll buy it if it's still available - I have some yummy homemade cranberry/fennel chutney in my fridge, and all it needs to be complete is more turkey! :)