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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Overheard while having my toes TROPICAL PUNCHED.....

Last night was the perfect night to have a pedicure.
Between a few narly early morning scheduling moments, some annoying office wrangling and wearing a pair of cute but uncomfortable shoes all day, I couldn't think of a better way to usher out the day.
And, if truth be told--I knew full well that if I did spend my night lounging at home, I'd be having a very drawn-out dinner that consisted of peanut butter eggs, malted milk eggs, jelly beans, Lindor truffles and marshmallow peeps with a side of coconut cream pie.
Yes, it's true.
Plus, I had another reason--one that was much more practical-- I wanted to be sure to have pretty feet for the big Royal Wedding Day celebration.
One must always have a good pedicure while wearing fine millinery.
So, I rounded up my newly minted 50-year-old girlfriend and we headed to the local spa joint for a little foot action.

As we lounged and chatted and sipped a lovely little AlbariƱo as our feet soaked off the rigors of our lives, two much older women soaked and gossiped in the chairs next to us.

Woman #1: What's going on with your son's situation?
Woman #2: He definitely has to leave her.
Woman #1: Is she still running around on him?
Woman #2: Why else would she have had that surgery to lose all that weight?
Woman #1: Does she at least look good?
Woman #2: I am sure she thinks so!
Woman # 1: Does he know who she is running around with?
Woman #2: No clue.
Woman #1: Does he know for sure?
Woman #2: He might not know for sure but I do.
Woman #1: Have you seen her with someone?
Woman #2: No, but she's been shopping for clothes and dressing differently. That's how I know for sure!
Woman #1: Really?
Woman #2: Listen, ever since she had that band thing put on her stomach, she's been shopping at Chico's!
Woman #1: Oooooh......

So, there you have it folks....
Getting a Lapband, losing weight and shopping at Chico's.
A sure sign that a woman is cheating on her husband.

P.S.--sorry for the unconventional timing of this post. I typed it all up but then blogger was very uncooperative this morning during my usual blogging time....


Darlin1 said...

I think a lot of people think that way about the band. I have heard people say things like that also..Funny!

Grandma Bonnie said...

OMG too funny. I was recently pleased as punch to get my former rotund self into a chico's top. Don't anyone tell my hubs. LOLZ
Really, a true NSV for me, I could have wept.

Heather said...

Hilarious!!! Is that what we all are doing in our spare time? I wish someone had told me!

Barbara said...

OMG I peed my pants reading this.. and I love that OPI color.. here is something else funny I had a mani pedi last nite too.. pamper away my dear girl!!