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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Still food crazy after all these years......

Memories of a wonderful evening of food make me smile.......sometimes that's just what a girl needs to chase away a touch of menopause and a world gone mad....

So, I dug out a few pictures from a very special foodie event.....the Food and Wine Chef's Table Dinner we participated in one snowy February night.....

The incredibly talented Chef Len and his lovely wife......our gracious and entertaining hosts for the evening

The Chef's humble table set up in his gourmet catering kitchen
and adjoining space......

....Judi arrives and is ready to talk food, drink wine.....and eat

Chef Len shares his wisdom with everyone......

but, of course, I had to have a private audience with the Chef. He told me that the 2 things every cook must have are--a good knife and quality pepper.
I loved the simplicity his advice!

a portion of the lovely appetizer display.....

and here I am---looking quite silly--enjoying a bite with Rene--
my double-fisted-drinker college room mate!

Chef Len's famous lobster.....

Our group of happy diners.....filled with good wine, great food, some helpful cooking tips
and lots of fun memories

I love to talk food.
I love to read food.
I love to cook food.
I love to eat food.
I love to think food.
I love to share food.
I love everything food.
It turns me on.
It gets me off.
It rocks my world.
And, sometimes it keeps me sane.
Sanity is something I could use.....right about now.

Before my Lapband--food was my go-to.
For everything.

If I was sad--I ate.
If I was happy--I ate.
If I was bored--I ate.
If I was stressed--I ate.
Not much has changed.
Food is still my go-to.
Although, these days--I'm not just eating the food.
I'm reading about it.
I'm cooking it.
I'm thinking about it.
I'm talking about it.
I'm remembering it.
I'm blogging about it.
I'm dreaming up elaborate meals and recipes in my head.
Yes, I'm still reaching for food to get me through whatever it is I need to get through.

It's no secret that sometimes I get overwhelmed.
We all do.
Life can be like that.
These past few months I've been working very hard to keep my perspective and my sunny disposition in my sometimes-crazy world. Yet, I have found myself teetering on the edge of tears and panic at the most unopportune times--for no reason at all. In the grocery store--in the pasta aisle. Or, at the mall near the coffee kiosk. Or, as I'm putting on mascara at my make-up table. I'm overcome with a wave of panic or fear or I'm *this* close to tears. It's as if a huge dark cloud engulfs me and I'm being swallowed up by it's vapors. And, I don't know what to do.
I am paralyzed.
In my state, I tell myself--you won't let this happen to you.
So, I soldier on--pushing my cart down the aisle or taking deep breaths as I walk or continuing to put my make up on.
I'm determined not to be swallowed up by the those feelings--whatever those feelings are.
So, I fight them...every step of the way.
Until they go away.
Thankfully, they always do.

Is this what they call the change of life?
Is this when I finally go crazy....for real?

Thank God for some of my favorite food blogs.....calorie-free, Lapband friendly comfort that get me through whatever it is that I'm going through......

Just in case you need a good dose of food-induced sanity....I'll share a few with you---
The Proud Italian Cook
Kalyn's Kitchen
Italian Foodies
More Than Burnt Toast
No Fear Entertaining
Ciao Italia
Once Upon a Plate

Do you have any favorite food blogs?
Please share.
A girl with a touch of menopause can never have enough comfort.....


Bookncoffee said...

We are foodies too! Enjoyed the pics.

Roo said...

I am a huge foodie and a cookbook whore! I am addicted to Master Chef (Australia) and Top Chef, food blogs, food photography, cooking, recipe hunting and experimenting...
Some blogs I read are: (a Sydney Food Blog) (which links to 100's of food/recipe blogs)
(plus hundreds more...

Debbie said...

Check out The Italian Dish. I really enjoy her blog.I do believe I am also a cookbook whore. I really love old cookbooks. The older the better. There is even a web site for old cookbooks. I can linger there for hours!

Gen said...


First, thanks for your advice about getting my losses going again. I am going to try!

Second, DO NOT feel bad about not knowing about the BOOBS convention!!!! No one invited me either, I just showed up on the blog and RSVP'd! EVERYONE is invited!

I would LOVE to meet you if you can make it!!! I have not had time to check the list of attendees, but if I saw that your name was missing I would have told you that your presence is essential!!!

Now. About the sadness/anxiety. Just make sure its not real depression. It sounds like you are totally fine, but I always give that advice (since it took me forever to recognize and deal with my depression). Fun, outgoing people like you are not immune from it, unfortunately.

Hope you are feeling better! Get over to the BOOBs blog and say you will be there! I promise to buy you a chai latte and a martini if you show up!