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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hey John----you're talking about my body.....right?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who in the hell is speaking to you in another language????? OOOOH....maybe it's someone who thinks your BODY is a WONDERLAND! Does he know your husband speaks Italian????
You are just way to fun, Judi. No wonder I love you so.....


P.S. Yes, I am sure YOUR BODY IS A matter what you weigh!!!
Congrats on getting into the 100's. If anyone deserves it, girl....YOU DO!!!
P.S.S. Shit...that John is one sexy guy to a girl who just got back from a 9 hour Happy Hour! Whoa....give me a shower!

Anonymous said...

JUDI girl you are looking amazing! I know you have a ways to go..but I hope you are enjoying every step of the journey to reach your goal. You look great..lips and all!
Thanks so much for supporting me..I know I haven't commented much to you..but I am rooting you on woman!