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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

One week before......August 3, 2007

At the beach......


OfftheDeepEng said...

I'm hopping in the backseat girlfriend! This looks like fun!
Start driving Ms. Carr~~~~~~~
Godspeed! x0x0x0x Dee


To Judi, Leader of the August Banding Group:
Thanks for keeping our Lapband group alive with your bubbly personality! Your sparkle, wit,enthusiasm, caring words, generous spirit, happy smile, off-the-wall humor, boundless energy and your fun view of life keeps us all coming back for more. Your team is with you all the way! We'll follow you anywhere!
See you on the "other side"! You go girl!
P.S. Is that really a cast of your body? You're holding out on us!

Caesar223 said...

Judi, I am sooo excited about your journey and reaching your destination. You are quite the mentor for me.
Thinking of you always, Gerry

Unknown said...

Judi, You are a one of a kind gem! I'm so glad I'm part of your humor-filled world. My career advice is go for creative writing! In the meantime, I'm wishing you all good things in this new chapter of your life! Karen

LivinLaVitaLoco said...


like you said: you are no longer going to put on your big girl pants and deal with it! so what will you wear? i think we are all in for alot of fun fashion ahead. t and i will be thinking about you and singing some bruce during your banding! mucholuck sweetie!

Katie said...

I LOVE YOU GIRL! By St. P's day, you won't be wearing that fine jacket anymore. Can't wait to see what little green and sparkly number you come up with now to offset that green hair! A GREEN bikini? Look out River City!
My heart will be with you tomorrow ~as it is each and every day~

Daffodil Hill said...

Go, Judi! I'm cheering for you! Hugs and prayers...

augustbandgirl said...

Hi Judi! Great blog. Thanks for letting us know about it. It can inspire us all in our journey. You must have known we would need it when we head into the final stretch here. Word of warning: now everyone in the group wants one so you will be doing blogging classes even before your incisions heal! LOL!
My day is Monday! Can't wait. Hope your blog is updated before I go. I will call and bug you if not. If it were not for you, our fearless and amazing leader, our group would be less than half it's size. I know you kept me going. I'm doing this for you! HA! HA!HA! Hubby is a little jealous! See you on the other side babe! Like you say--JUST BE HAPPY!
Take pix! TONS of love to you!


Leave it to you to be the first to have a blog! Home recooperating and hanging out hoping this storm passes soon. 3 days out and feeling okay. Patty put on her nursey outfit and is nursing me good! Might stay 'sick' for awhile! She'll want paid back with a few new moves! We'll tell you all about them NOT!
Can't wait to see you on the other side. We got a hug for you! A big one!
Bob & his "little" woman

CurvyGal said...

Hey Judi!!!
Show 'em what you got girl! Flash those baby blues and wag that well manicured finger at them and tell them to handle you with care! If they mess with our Judi, they are messing with all of us! And we is a BIG group!! Right behind you girl~!