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Saturday, January 12, 2013

I HAVE A BLOG???????!!!!!????

Life is plodding along here in Judiland.
As it always does.
It's Saturday morning and the day ahead of me looks harrowing.
I won't go into the particulars since I don't want to be reminded of what this day looks like....I'd rather just sit here and drink my tea and do a blog post about who knows what and imagine that I  have a full day of  wine drinking and shoe shopping ahead of me.
I've had a few wrestling matches with Blogger the past few days.
In the old days of my blogging, I would have oodles amount of patience with Blogger and  would have fought through the issues with the fierce determination of a woman on a major mission.
These days, when Blogger gets finicky, I don't even bother to put up a fight.
I just take my cup of tea and walk away.......
Being that I blog very early in the morning, I will use that as my excuse. 
And, I call myself a morning person. 
But, I've gotta tell you, yesterday when Blogger decided to get hiccups and I got frustrated to the point of giving up,  there was this little ache inside of me.
No, I don't think it was indigestion.  
I realized that I was not giving my blog....and you for that matter.....the attention it deserved.  
That made me sad. 
I don't like being sad. 
So, I figured that to unsad myself, I had to jump start things a little and dig deep down for my blog mojo......
Gotta start somewhere.
So, I'm staring here....
Here's what's going on.....
*My Lapband has been a little fickle the past week or so.  I have found myself having some major band in once while talking on the phone with my sister, I had to excuse myself....telling her "I gotta go throw up...".   Of course, she assumed I had a stomach virus or a hangover.    I also had a very close call while eating some fish at a restaurant.....when I jumped up and ran to the restroom.....Carmen and Toni didn't even look alarmed--they just kept on eating.  Then, there was that moment in my office while eating soup (of all things!) while working through lunch at my computer.....yeah that wasn't too fun either.  
*I haven't had a fill in over a year.  So, my recent band moments drive home the belief that our bands react to what's going on with our bodies because of what's going on in our lives. Get that?.  Right now,  I am pretty sure it's stress that's messing with mine.  In addition to having a boatload of things on my mind at the office (prepping for too many events in February.....) and not enough time to do what I need to do each day (I am always playing catch-up...damn email and phones and voicemail and texting...), I am also trying desperately to get the house back to some order after the holidays to get ready for some house guests at the end of the month.  And, of course, I have the regular everyday things that cause me pause for worry--like keeping up with things I need to keep up with and this toothache that I think is not just a toothache  but I don't have the time or the energy for whatever it is.  Plus my sorority girl is still home on her semester break---in addition to dealing with her activities and her sorority-girl-on-holiday hours, I am also trying to spend time with her...mostly because I just love spending time with her.  And, as always, I have my wife-of-an executive duties that find their way to my calendar each week....not as glamorous as  is sounds....believe me....think 3 solid hours of engineer talk while I am dying to have a second martini and a cigarette.   Anyway....add that all to my dad duties and various other things that just pop up as well as being the sounding board for friends in distress and adult children who need adult children mothering......well, I get stressed.   Thus, the band moments.
*And, another thing---I don't feel as thin as I used to.  I've been finding myself wanting to go on a diet and lose like 10 pounds.  It's a thought I haven't had in a very long time.  I don't like that thinking.   Maybe I am just getting used to the skin I am living in.  Because, really...there has not been any major change on the scale.  Sure, it's jumped around 3-5 pounds over the holidays but nothing too alarming.   Did I tell you that I  developed this middle-age lump around my mid section?  Yeah, where in the hell  did that come from? 
*It's not all crazy-making shit and toiling away in Judiland.  I would be bat-crazy-wearing-moo-moos if it was!   We're taking our annual long weekend road trip for my birthday next weekend.  This year, Toni will be joining us since she will still be home for break.  We will meet up with our son the doctor so it will be a family affair.  I hope to get some time this weekend to figure out the exact agenda.....I know it will include a few wineries, some favorite shopping haunts and one or two restaurants that I heard about.   No sooner we get home from that, it will be time to pack Toni up to go back for her last semester of college.  Thankfully, right after I plop her down at school, I have a  girls-night-out planned with my spirited gal pals to help me get back into my empty nesting mode.  Then, come the end of the month, we will have a visit from some very fun friends....
*And, last but not's my birthday month.  I will be 54...yes....FIVE 11 days.   It's not that I feel old.....even though there are days when I wonder where my energy went...but, I feel like I look old.  Well, not old-old.  But, older.  Maybe because I am?  I look at pictures of myself and say....where did that line on my face come from? 
Maybe I should quit putting pictures of myself on Facebook and my Blog.....

Okay, then.
Blog mojo on. 

Time to get my Saturday on.  

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Jody V said...

You don't look old, older, middle age or any of those types of words! You're a vibrant rock and roll Gal out for a good time!