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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I am a techo-DIVA Lapbander!

My enthusiasm for blogging is fueled by all of readers! Oh, I feel so DIVA saying that I have READERS! Who do I think I am? Carrie Bradshaw? Do I really have readers? Well, apparently I do, thank you very much! I have some very outgoing readers who love to post comments on my blog.....thank you so much! And, I have readers who like a little privacy so they prefer to send me emails about my blog.....notes I love to get! And, I have readers who prefer to call me and leave voice mails telling me they enjoy my hearing your voice! I also have readers from my various online groups who post comments about my blog on the forums.....which I's great to see my name in print! I have other readers who tell me in person that they are reading my blog......they can tell from my smile how that makes me feel! Plus, I have some very bashful readers.....they don't say a word. But, I know they are there. Or, maybe my head is just getting way too big and I think I have this huge reader base! But, now I will know.....I have a counter! Check it out down at the bottom of the you see it? Isn't it cute? I still won't know WHO these bashful readers are.....I'll just know they were here. They'll sort of leave "footprints" on my blog! Isn't my technical savvy just astonishing......I have a counter! Did you hear me, oh genius son of mine? YOUR mother has a counter! Yeah, me....YOUR MOTHER! When I started my blog, I asked my dear son with the degree in Human Computer Interaction (I'm human, I have a computer that I want to interact with) to put a counter on my blog. "Okay, mom". Didn't happen. And, I continued to ask him weekly. "Okay, mom". Didn't happen. In fact, just last night when he came home for dinner and I cooked him an amazing meal (even though I DO NOT EAT), gave him a goodie bag with a few gifts (and it wasn't even his birthday yet!) as well as a bag full of new clothes (no socks!), I asked him again. "Okay, mom". He left with a full stomach, his goodie bag and his new clothes. I was left with dirty dishes and a daughter who was hopping mad at her brother for doing something naughty to her computer. But, no counter. So, I figured....if I have the ability raise a son who is a techno wiz then I can certainly figure out how to put a counter on my blog. All it took was a little confidence and a little time! Amazing the things we can do when we really want to. I proved it!

P.S. Please wish this Techo-DIVA Lapbander luck getting BRUCE tix at 10 am tomorrow........


buckeyesue said...

That is great, Judi, that you figured out how to put a "counter" on your blog.

A few questions, though. (I'm very computer-illiterate!) Is that a "counter" that counts how may "hits" you have had on your blog?

Another question, where is the "counter?" Should I be able to see it, 'cuz if so, I can't find it? LOL

buckeyesue said...

Judi, just forget my other comment! I just found your counter! I just hadn't scrolled down far enough, I guess. See, I told you I was very computer-illiterate!

Good job on the counter!

Anonymous said...


I want my footprints on your blog! Count me! I will have to scroll down and see what # I am. It might be my lucky #. Headed to Giant Eagle shortly to get my Bruce tix. I can play my counter #. Took today off just for that.
Good luck getting yours. Imagine what you will look like for Bruce this time he comes.


Deb said...

Hey Judi,
Your counter caught me lurking! Now you know that I'm stalking you! You are my sweet everyday with my morning java!
Good Luck getting your Bruce tickets. You never missed him yet so you have to go this time or HE will miss you.
Bruce always reminds me of YOU!

Marib said...

Well? Did you get your tickets? Do tell!

toni said...

mom, you are exactly like carrie bradshaw...except her shoes are a little better than yours ( no effence) and i think vince should be punished...

Tracey said...

Hey Judi:

Great to see that you are doing so well! Today is my 2 week bandiversary. I hope to do as well as you. Right now I am just managing the left over discomfort and tiredness. Thanks for your support over the past few months. It has meant a lot to me. Hope to be back at work 1st wk of Oct. Your blog is fun and inspiring!
Hopefully, you got your tickets today.
Hugs, Tracey

Anonymous said...

Your counter has been very busy. Not surprising!****!! Your blog is one of the highlights of my day!
You are a very good lapbander!

Joyce L. (August group)

Rani (RoundBottomGirl) said...

Good Evening Judi,
Congratulations on your great success with your band. I have been caught visiting your blog without speaking. #59 is peeping-Rani!
1 month banded today! Hellacious! I wish I could be as chipper as you!